Who Invented Stickers?

You’re not going to believe this!  But “stick” around for some incredible facts about when and how stickers were created. Their history goes back… way back. Think pyramid days and ancient Egypt! Yep, it’s true.  Egyptians weren’t just innovative when it came to dying clothing with beets or crushing charcoal for eyeliner, but also the use of stickers, according to archaeologists. When it comes to modern stickers as we know them today, only rumors can point to the speculated inventors, but here’s what we believe to be the original creators. 

There are two supposed modern sticker creators

The first candidate for making the first sticker is Rowland Hill way back in 1839. At that time he invented an adhesive paper that eventually led to being used as the first postage stamp! Talk about a legacy that still carries on to this day and literally is a worldwide need.  

The other candidate for the first sticker is R. Stanton Avery, the founder of Avery Labels. His invention was a little more forward in time so oftentimes he is suggested as a modern sticker developer. Still, it is said that he invented the first self-adhesive label in 1935. Either way, stickers, defined as self-adhesive labels, are undoubtedly an invention that truly changed the world from postage to product labeling forever. 

So who gets credit for inventing the sticker? 

The difference in the time and the debate over who actually deserves credit is because of how each of these inventions worked. Obviously, when you think of stamps, Hill’s invention was a paper that was traditionally stuck to items using adhesive of some kind, usually glue, paste or even saliva in earlier days.

Avery’s, on the other hand, was self-adhesive which is the way we use stickers more commonly today. These self-adhesive stickers do not require any additional adhesive.  All one does is remove the peel backing and apply where you desire them to be displayed.

Could Hill’s original invention have been the catalyst for the groundwork Avery would later create for self-adhesive?  We will let you decide.  No matter what, the inventions themselves are still circulating and evolving over time to continue to shape brand recognition and product packaging. 

How have stickers evolved over time? 

No doubt, since the Egyptian era and the onset of postage stamps, you have benefit from stickers in some way, shape or form.  Whether you’ve used them yourself or benefit from the information they display. Since those times, stickers have continued to evolve into even wall decals and even street decals.  Now the most popular base materials for stickers are latex, foil, paper, plastic, and vinyl. The adhesive has morphed also, allowing for the scratch-resistance Siraprint offers, as well as, the ability to remove sticker debris without causing damage. Talk about advancements! 

Where can I get some custom stickers of my own?

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