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Vinyl Sticker Printing in Canada and the USA

Browse our selection of vinyl stickers options below. Create your sticker design and order online in Canada for your sticker printing. 

What are Custom Vinyl Stickers?

They are everywhere you look.  As a matter of fact, you’ve probably been exposed to around 5,000 ads in the past 24 hours according to a recent study by the marketing firm Yankelovich, Inc. Many of which have snuck into your subconscious by way of custom vinyl stickers in the form of wall decals, car window clings and brand embellishments on personal gear. Now, it’s your turn to join the movement of this medium, and to embrace your own clever and creative ways to use custom vinyl stickers to share your passions or market your products. .

Are Vinyl Stickers Good For Marketing My Business? 

Obviously, one of the most obvious uses for custom vinyl stickers is to promote a brand, services or products.  Long before social media became a thing, stickers were the original way to showcase support for a favourite company or organization. Using clever designs or meaningful mottos, a brand could spread its message far and wide among like-minded people once their sticker swag became the topic of conversation. Vinyl Stickers have a wide variety of uses from marketing stickers to personalizing your household items.  From iron-on labels for clothing and bags to holographic stickers that pop on your laptop, there are numerous reasons and ways to identify your belongings with stickers as unique as you are. Just about anywhere you can dream of placing a custom vinyl sticker to either organize or personalize, we can make them! Sira print offers waterproof stickers that are dishwasher safe, folks are able to pitch all sorts of ideas to clients, then benefit from our fast delivery into their customer’s hands. Stickers are also bubble-free, so the application is easy and lasts for the long haul aesthetically. With this option, we have entrepreneurs all over the world creating customized labels, decals, logos, mottos and more and selling them as custom vinyl sticker sheets or via roll labels to their clients and customers.There are a ton of reasons to own your own sticker shop and sell remotely via Etsy or similar platform. In fact, you can read all about it in one of our other blogs, The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Own Sticker Shop.

Where Can I Get Custom Tailored Vinyl Sticker Printing?

Don’t lose your mind after losing your stuff. Keep what you own when you use custom vinyl stickers to label your personal belongings. We’re talking beyond the usual name stickers used on a kid’s classroom cup.  Think way outside the box. Heck, label the box! 

Where Can I Get Custom Vinyl Stickers Fast?

Sira Print is known for our quality and quick delivery! You can confidently order your custom vinyl stickers through us. Get weatherproof, waterproof and bubble-free designs that are easy to use.  Simply upload your file, provide your supply size and quantity, lamination type and let us know of any special instructions, and we will take care of the rest. Of course, we always provide a PDF proof within 24 hours before we begin production so you can rest assured we are creating exactly what you want at a price you’ll love and turnaround time you’ll be amazed by! Sira Print is focused on high-quality stickers and exceptional customer service.

Our custom vinyl stickers are printed with certified inks that resist fading but we decided to go the extra mile and added lamination to eliminate fading and resist scratching. Learn more about our other sticker products like: die cut stickerscustom stickerssticker printing and so much more!

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