Customize Your Calendars with Planners Stickers

Customize Your Calendars with Planners Stickers

Customize Your Calendars with Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are a great way to customize your planner or calendars. Whether you want to decorate it, mark upcoming events, or plan out your year in advance, we can help get the job done.

You may be wondering how planner stickers work and what they're good for. That's why we've put together this list of just some of the many different kinds of planner designs you can create or purchase online from Sira Print!

Here is a list of the different types of designs you can customize a planner with:

Birthday reminders:

Use kiss cut stickers to help remember when upcoming birthdays are. You can design planner designs that are specific to each individual's birthday, or you can use a pre-designed sticker with the word "birthday" on it and write in the name of the person you are celebrating!

Appointment reminders stickers:

Planner stickers are a great way to help remember your appointments, meetings, and deadlines. You can do a general daily planner sticker with reminders for doctor's appointments, work meetings, and school obligations. You could even make one that simply says "reminders" so you have space to write in custom ones!

If you are a business owner, we highly recommend ordering custom stickers with your brand logo or mascot to give away as a reminder. Consider a tooth for dental appointments or similar. Not only is it a freebie to your client, but when they have reminders, you are less likely to miss out on income from a missed or cancelled appointment.

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Upcoming holidays:

Do you want planner stickers that help remind you about upcoming holidays? We have planners with a sticker for just about every occasion, including Christmas and Easter. You can even get planner stickers customized to specific states or countries!

Sira Print is your one-stop shop for all things planner related. From custom decorating options to pre-designed art you can submit for print, we've got the perfect planner printing options to fit your needs.

No matter what holiday it is that comes up on your calendar, we've got the ability to print durable and high-quality stickers for holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween , Christmas - you name it! From gold foil details to glittering snowflakes via holographic stickers, we can print your planner stickers fast!

Vacation and Flight info reminders:

Ever forget your flight information? This planner sticker is a great way to remind you of when you need to fly, where the airport is located, and what terminal or flight info you need to recall at check-in or arrival.

Having flight information and itinerary details handy can help you avoid confusion at the airport and make your travel as stress-free as possible. 

You can also include planner stickers with important flight details like an emergency contact and a list of the items you want to pack.  These are great for traveling families who need to keep track of kids' favorite toys or other necessities.

If your planner is especially large, you may find it helpful to use planner stickers as tabs! You can design planner stickers with your own color scheme and use them to mark the different sections of your planner.

A few people have asked us what material planner stickers are made out of!  The type we carry at Sira Print is a high quality vinyl sticker that sticks well but can also be removed without leaving any residue on paper or other surfaces. 

Reservations reminders:

Vinyl stickers are a great way to remind yourself of upcoming reservations. You can use this sticker for an event's information, or just write in the date and time you need reminders about!

Perhaps you have a specific reservation # you need to recall. Maybe you have a confirmation # that you are prompted to use at the time of the event. Having it all on a quick write-on sticker displayed in your planner or calendar makes it easy to keep top-of-mind!

Subscription Expiration Reminders:

Do you have subscriptions that are soon coming to an end? We can help with all of your subscription sticker needs! There are so many customizations possible when personalizing planners and calendars. With 30 and 90-day trials from streaming services to software, it can be easy to forget when the billing cycle will begin and be surprised by a payment you didn't anticipate being withdrawn.

Volunteer opportunity reminders:

You can also create custom stickers for volunteer opportunities. This is great to place on a monthly calendar or planner and use as an easy reminder of the date! Whether you have committed to lending a helping hand, donating the use of your products or services or are attending an event yourself to receive services, a reminder of a volunteer event ensures you don't miss it!

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Awareness Campaign Reminders:

You know what would be great? Customized stickers that support your favorite organizations. You can add them to your planner to remember the Awareness campaigns like October being Breast Cancer awareness month! You also can offer to give out sticker sheets with planner stickers so others can remember your specific awareness campaign and support your efforts via donations, giveaways, tags and mentions on social media and more.


Marketing Campaigns:

Do you want to remember a specific marketing campaign that is coming up soon? It can be hard to keep track of all the different campaigns. You could use stickers with your logo as a reminder, or just write in the date and time on this sticker!

You can even get planner stickers customized to your launch dates, marketing events and more! Whatever you need to keep track of, a planner sticker can help keep it at the forefront of you focus.

Budget-related Expenses:

Do you want to remember your monthly budget expenses and see where your money is going? Perhaps you have a variable expense that comes out every other month, like Pest Control and need a reminder of what it costs and also to be present for the tech to visit and spray your home. You can put this sticker on the month of when it needs to be remembered, then write in a percentage or dollar amount next to it.

Some people like using stickers for food-related costs too as these can vary greatly from month-to-month! We can print your customizable stickers for every type of cost imaginable - so do not worry if there isn't anything specific that suits what you need. Create your own and we will print them for you!

All you need are some pens and markers (and perhaps an eraser) and get creative with design ideas that work best for your life. Our goal at Sira Print is to make sure YOU'RE happy with YOUR perfect planner printing solution.

From oil changes to your kids' sporadic school fees, there are plenty of reasons to use planner stickers as a reminder for upcoming expenses that would otherwise be forgotten.

Goal setting and milestone stickers:

Are you creating a new goal for yourself? Do you want to remember your goals and milestones with stickers that help keep them at the forefront of your mind? Then these are perfect!

Is it time for a monthly weigh-in? Have you revisit your savings or investing account and seen how much it's grown? Are you celebrating 6 months of sobriety or some other cessation feat? Keep tabs and never miss a chance to acknowledge your hard work with calendar stickers that remind you of your goal setting and milestones!

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Do you have a daily reminder to drink more water? Not only can you track your ounces on a sticker, but you can also order some stickers for your water bottles while you’re at it and keep track or stay motivated there! 

Countdowns to specific dates:

Sometimes, it's easier to remember a countdown with decal stickers than just writing out the date. You can write in your goal or milestone on the sticker and place it under a larger calendar month (or week) that you want to see how much closer you are getting!

This is also great for big trips like that coveted cruise or that trip to Disney you've been planning all year. This is a creative and clever way of seeing just how close you are! And if there isn't anything specific sticking out as an upcoming event, create one custom just for yourself and we'll print it too. It's never hard coming up with new ideas when you're given such freedom at Sira Print!

Chores and Household Maintenance Planner Stickers

Do you change out your air filters regularly? What about your house cleaning goals to declutter seasonally? Do the kids swap out chore responsibilities every other month or so? Give yourself a fun and gentle reminder with planner stickers!

You can make your custom planner stickers as bold and fun as you want! Plus, any time someone asks what day such-and-such is, you can quickly flip through your planner or calendar and know exactly when and where said events or expectations take place!

Surprise messages for your loved ones.

We know that planner stickers can be used for so many things. And we know the joy of seeing your partner, spouse or any other loved one surprised with a decal that makes them smile. Order a creative or charming planner sticker to their daily planner or calendar! Use this day as an opportunity to celebrate them and remind yourself of the love you have for each other.

How do I order sticker designs for my planner? 

Simply upload your design or use an online template like to create your own unique graphics and/or message. (provide your supply size and quantity, lamination type and let us know of any special instructions) We handle the rest! It’s that simple!

Where Should I order Sticker sheets from? 

We always provide a PDF proof within 24 hours before we begin production. PLUS, 1-3 Business Day Turnaround + Free Shipping for all orders.

Sticker sheets are one of the best ways to get multiple designs at low prices and high-quality. Learn more about our other sticker products like: die cut stickers, waterproof stickers, custom stickers, sticker printing, vinyl stickers, custom cut keychains, holographic stickers, and so much more! Get fast delivery too when you order with us!

 We hope this article has inspired new creative ideas of how you can use planner stickers in your life. Writing down important dates and events helps create an organized lifestyle without forgetting anything important; it's also helpful if someone

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