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Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

What Is A Vinyl Sticker?

Simply put, a vinyl sticker is a sticker that can be printed into any shape and size that you like. The sticker will follow the design you send in. In general, Vinyl stickers are very popular. One of the reasons that a vinyl sticker is so popular is because they are durable compared to a paper sticker. A durable sticker is cost-effective for business owners. Vinyl stickers are versatile for design ideas and able to streak over a variety of surfaces.

With unparalleled customization options, the vinyl sticker is the perfect choice for business owners that want to get their brand more visible on products, windows, a wall, doors, cars, and packages. A great way to do this is with custom vinyl stickers. 

Are Die Cut Stickers Made Of Vinyl material? 

Die-cut stickers are made from vinyl material and easy to customize. A die-cut sticker is the most popular sticker choice because it allows for more creativity in sticker design, and can make your business pop with curved edges or pointy ends. Wherever your imagination takes you, a die-cut sticker is sure to follow! 

How Can I Use Vinyl Stickers for My Business?

Custom sticks offer fun, creative ways to brand your business. Here are just a few ideas you can use for your  business:

  • Swag - have you ever received a business sticker at a trade show, storefront, or shipped to you with a purchase? If customers connect with your brand, these stickers can end up on a number of their personal items. Laptop stickers, water bottle stickers, helmet stickers, toolboxes, you name it! Not only does sticker swag offer a bonus to your customer, in essence it helps get your brand out into the public.
  • Packaging - the packing your product comes in greatly affects how customers see your business. Up your packaging game with fresh, clean, custom stickers.
  • Marketing - sticker marketing campaigns are an effective way to get your name out to new audiences.  
  • Branded Merchandise - on e-commerce websites, stickers are a fun way to sell unique, branded merchandise. Additionally, the small fee for a branded vinyl sticker easily lets customers reach free shipping caps. 

  • How Do I Order Vinyl Stickers Canada?

    Our vinyl stickers are made in Canada. It’s easy and quick to place your order on the website. With all our stickers made in Canada, the turnaround is quick. 3 days and free shipping. After providing us with your sticker design, a PDF proof will be sent for approval within 24 hours. Then, production will begin on your custom vinyl stickers!

    Where Can I Find More Information About Custom Stickers?

    If you would like to find more information about any type of custom printing in Toronto, please visit our website. There, you can learn more about kiss-cut stickers, roll labels, wall decals, and even holographic stickers! Additionally, feel free to send us a message at Sira Print.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Quick and perfect!

    Ordered stickers. They were sent for approval quickly and on my doorstep all within 3 days of hitting submit. Really awesome. Will definitely order from here again.

    Nicole Salmon’s

    I ordered branded stickers, my first time ever and the process was fast, efficient and the quality is supremely high. Extremely happy and will be ordering again and again!! Thanks Sira!!

    Great stickers!

    Siraprint is my go to sticker company, with their great product and fast turnaround time! Thanks Siraprint!

    Bronwyn Schuster
    Speedy high quality stickers

    They look great, and I recieved them very quickly! I appreciate that I can split the order into multiple designs.

    Amazing stickers

    Like usual, siraprint did and amazing job on my stickers, love how great they turned out!