How Every Business Can Benefit from Custom Product Labels

How Every Business Can Benefit from Custom Product Labels

Custom Stickers and Product Labels for Businesses

There are plenty of reasons to use custom labels for your business. For one, custom labels can help boost your sales by effectively branding your products. You can also use custom labels to create a more cohesive and professional look for your products. Moreover, custom labels can also help excite your customers about your products, which can lead to more sales. So if you're looking for ways to improve your business, custom labels are definitely a great option to consider!

Product labels are an important part of marketing and branding for businesses in a variety of industries. 

Here are five industries that can stand out from their competition by using custom product labels:

  1. Food and beverage - Custom product labels can help brands stand out on the shelves and attract attention from customers. 

Don’t just rattle off a ton of nutrition facts and other information that can easily be overlooked in a sea of sentences. Rather, opt for a clever and compelling way to share everything from ingredients to instructions by using eye-catching designs that grab attention and educate at the same time. Use stickers or ribbons to highlight features like gluten free, organic, microwaveable and more! 

  1. Cosmetics and personal care - product labels can be used to communicate important information about ingredients and benefits, and to create a unique and stylish look for products. For instance, consider using product labels that include important details such as ingredient lists, directions for use, and warnings. 

Companies can add printed stickers or roll labels that help their customers make informed decisions about the products they purchase. 

Additionally, labels can be used to communicate a company's commitment to safety and quality, which can instill confidence in their customers and keep their retention as repeat buyers. 

  1. Home goods - custom labels can be used to add a personal touch to homegoods and make them more attractive to customers.

If you happen to sell glass jars or organizing drawers, you could include an added bonus of custom labels that state what people are organizing, like “dryer sheets” or “laundry pods”.  These additional stickers are like freebies for your customers and act as an incentive to purchase from you over competitors! Be sure to show them off in the thumbnail images you share on sites like Etsy and Amazon. 

  1. Apparel - product labels can help brands communicate their style and create a more professional look for their products. 

One of the many ways apparel brands set themselves apart from their competitors is by adding custom iron-on labels and product packaging labels that are eye-catching and memorable. 

Many customers who buy apparel love to show off brands for two reasons. First, wearing brand-name clothes can be a form of personal marketing. Customers can use clothing to show off their unique style and taste. Second, wearing branded apparel can be a way to show support for or affiliation with a company, team, or cause. 

Customers who believe in a brand's message or mission can wear its clothes as a way of showing their support. You can bet that the brand exposure doesn't end with their apparel. If you include cleverly designed packaging, they may even share your product on social channels before "unboxing" their purchase. Consider this when creating packaging stickers

  1. Gifts and promotions - product labels can help businesses create unique and memorable gifts and promotional items. 

Use a custom label to add a personal message to a gift. This is a great way to add a special touch to a gift for a loved one or friend. You can also include a product label with your company logo on it as part of a promotional giveaway. 

Ensure your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Here are some helpful reminders when creating your custom stickers and product labels so that you have an effective marketing campaign. 

  1. Use attractive, eye-catching designs that will make potential customers want to learn more about your product.

  1. Use labels to highlight key information about your product, such as its unique selling points or health benefits.

  1. Use labels to tell a story about your brand and what makes it special. This can help build customer loyalty and repeat business.

  1. Make sure your labels are well-printed and easy to read. This will help ensure that customers actually take the time to read them and learn about your product.

By following these tips, you can make custom product labels work for you and help boost your sales. After you’ve created your design, ordering labels for print is as easy as a 3-step process! is the place to get your custom sticker printing needs, quickly and affordably. Whether you want stickers, vinyl decals, vinyl banners, custom sticker labels or decals, or even custom acrylic pins, we've got you covered. Not only do we offer 24/7 online ordering, but we also offer free shipping to Canada and the United States.

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