Great Gift Ideas: Custom Keychains

Great Gift Ideas: Custom Keychains

 Great Gift Ideas: Custom Keychains made from acrylic and showing colors on both sides - Sira Print Inc.

Gifting can be a tricky business. You want to give your friends and family something custom that they will love, but you don't want to spend too much money either.

One item that is often overlooked in favor of more expensive items is custom keychains. Custom keychains are a great idea for anyone on your list because they can be personalized with any image and text you want!

That's why custom keychains make such great gifts! They are both affordable and personalized for the recipient. In this blog post we will explore what makes them so special, as well as how easy it is to order them from us at Sira Print Inc.

Here we list the top 5 ways custom keychains are great gift ideas.

1. Keychains are a thoughtful gift.

Custom keychains are simple but thoughtful gifts that do not cost much. Imagine each time someone grabs their keys or heads out on travel and zips/unzips their bag, they see your custom gift and recall your generosity and thoughtfulness. It's a great way to stay on their minds and in their hearts all while being practical as well.

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2. They can be personalised with any image or text. 

How cool is that? Your custom images or drawings, a family photo and more can be saved onto custom keychains to assist with everything from personalization of a name, to inspiration or fun with a design unique to your recipient. 

This not only helps with identifying luggage, keyrings and other things, but also serves as a quality way to cherish everything from an inside joke to a motivational phrase. 

Since custom keychains are a branded item, they can also be used as marketing material. If you choose to have your logo printed on the front of them, then you can literally give this gift away and still get some advertising for yourself!

As these items are given out by recipients (whether at their own discretion or by the giver), they are being exposed to your company's brand.  This is a great marketing opportunity to be taken advantage of.

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3. Custom keychains are affordable and easy to create with Sira Print Inc.

No need to spend a fortune on gifts when you can get them for less! Custom keychains are affordable and easy to create with Sira Print Inc. They allow anyone with the ability to upload images the opportunity to make their own custom keychain.

What's more, at Sira Print Inc., we often offer sales for various printed materials, and always have free shipping!

Plus, whether you order one of hundreds, you'll get the same quality no matter the quantity. Naturally, you can buy in bulk and save also.  We honor orders for just about anything you can think of but just to give you some ideas, here are some of the many ways custom keychains can be given as gifts:

  • wedding party swag
  • family reunions
  • funny phrases
  • class of '21 and beyond
  • real estate agents gift to homebuyers with new keys
  • brand and company logo for employees and exhibitors alike
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4. Sira Print Inc. makes durable acrylic keychains.

This makes them perfect as personalised gifts or branded company items because there is no fear of wear and tear.   Acrylic keychains are highly durable. 

Not only is the printed design spared from the wear and tear of frequent use, it also means that after years of handing off and receiving new keys, there will always be a way to know which sets are yours over others! And, of course, you can create designs respective to the various keys, projects and zipped items you own.

Acrylic keychains increase their longevity by simply having a wider surface area for printing designs on.  Acrylic keychains make great custom gifts because they are amazing quality as well as budget friendly!

order custom acrylic keychains in Canada with fast turnaround time - Sira Print Inc.

5. Ordering is quick and easy.

Just upload your image or text and you'll have a proof of what you're getting soon after for approval to print. Then, just days after, your custom keychains are headed your way - all with free shipping, no less!

Custom keychains are a practical and thoughtful gift that anyone would appreciate. There's something about them that is just different than any other present you might give someone; it feels more personal, unique and meaningful when they know the thought put into their special custom keychain project, all while saving you significantly when compared to other gift-giving costs for items that may not even last near as long. 


Trust us at Sira Print Inc. to create what you're looking for at a cost you didn't think was possible! 

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