5 Unique and Affordable Sticker Marketing Ideas

5 Unique and Affordable Sticker Marketing Ideas

5 Unique and Affordable Sticker Marketing Ideas

A lot of small businesses and freelance gig workers don't have the budget to spend on expensive marketing materials. Especially if they are just getting started in their passion. You need profit, right?

Luckily, custom vinyl decals and stickers are a great way to get your message out there in an affordable way! In this blog post, we will share some clever ways our customers used custom vinyl stickers for their marketing efforts - hopefully it will give you some inspiration for your own business or gig's branding ideas!

1. In place of business cards when meeting someone new.

If you haven't already purchased business cards, you can always use stickers in lieu of one. You always can fit stickers in your wallet or purse and when you have those impromptu introductions to a potential client. Hand them a vibrant and durable sticker with your IG handle or website on it. 

They are sure to remember someone who gave them a gift the first time they meet and this will increase your brand awareness and recall.

2. Add them in for free with first purchases or as a welcome gift.

When you're first starting out packaging a product or selling goods, you may opt for the plain colors for product packaging since custom prints can be so expensive. There is no shame there - it's wise! But, consider you can add the pop of color with your sticker design as either the standout freebie with their purchase or even the sticker that closes your envelopes, doggie bags and more.

What's so brilliant about this is that you are not only saving a ton of money opting out of branded tissue paper, boxes and more, but your sticker will be that much more visually eye-catching against all-white or cardboard material. 

3. Participate in swag bag opportunities.

Attending trade shows, farmers markets, expos and other events are a great way to meet your niche audiences and a ton of their like-minded friends enjoying the events with them. Some events are still virtual, but that doesn't mean you can't get some great leads!

Depending on the event you are attending (in-person or virtual), there may be opportunities for swag bags - full of goodies and treats! Promotional stickers are a cost effective marketing tool that is sure to leave a lasting impression and can be produced in mass quantities for far less than the cost of a booth rental!

Let's say you are an athletic apparel brand that would like to get in front of all the registered runners and their spectators at an upcoming marathon event. Usually big events precede the actual run.

When tens of thousands of runners pick up their goodie bags, they can take your motivating sticker (perhaps a cool design with a phrase like "work hard, play harder" and your IG handle or website info at the base of the sticker) and slap it on their water bottles, sports bikes, helmets and more! 

You can even add bumper stickers or other options of all shapes and sizes to honor what your goodie bag recipient would most likely sport all over! Remember, the more eyes on your brand, the better! 

It will grab people’s attention and when someone comments on their sticker or whenever they don their equipment, you're getting brand exposure! It’s like real-time social media likes, follows and comments! Only this time, it is even better because it is word-of-mouth marketing and perceived as an ambassador of your brand supporting your company! 

The more they mention or see your sticker marketing campaigns, the more it makes you top-of-mind when they are looking for athletic attire down the road. This is what makes stickers a profitable product in the long run! 

4. Guerilla marketing. Share your stickers in places where your ideal niche spends time.

Now, we are not advocating littering. Firstly, it just isn't cool. In fact, it is illegal. But secondly, and equally importantly, we want you to get the most bang for your buck and turn a profit with your marketing strategies. 

Instead, we are talking about strategically leaving stickers in places where your niche audience can make the most use out of your marketing material.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, you could leave your stickers in locker rooms. If you are a chiropractor, perhaps at the gym or other physical activity hubs would be good places to stick it or leave it for someone to enjoy and potentially engage!

If you are a pet sitter or dog walker, leave them at the dog park near the entrance and exit or on a corkboard where news and rules are posted.

5. Host a networking event and decorate the tables with your stickers for take-home.

When looking to bring new customers in or clients onboard, consider hosting an event that shares in your services and products. Even if they cannot purchase right away (say, you're a hair salon that requires appointments or an independent distributor selling clothes or makeup), invest in your attendees with more than just cocktails and conversation. Let them leave with a branded marketing sticker from you that is sure to stick in their minds well after the mixer or meetup.

If you're looking for some clever ways to market your freelance gigs or small business, custom vinyl decals may be the answer. We print custom stickers for a variety of purposes so contact us today to learn more about all-things branding + promotional products.

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