Sticker Needs

Sticker Needs

Why I will STICK with Sira Print for my Sticker Printing - Sira Print Inc.

They’re here! They’re here! My stickers are here and they are absolutely impeccable! I am so beyond pleased with my first (of many, I am sure) order of decals from

Where do I even begin? I am a bit of a 'sticker stickler', if you will. If I had to rank the importance of quality, design, durability and cost, I’d say all of the above must meet my standards - and fortunately, Sira Print didn’t just meet, but exceeded my expectations. 

I’ll share the process and what I am most impressed by below and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them directly as I am sure they will deliver the same incredible service for you as they have for me. 




When it comes to ordering stickers, the last thing you want to deal with is a lengthy process that leaves you confused and wondering if you’re getting what you ultimately are paying for. The ease of navigating through their site was very pleasant. 

Not only could I look directly at drop-down menu options relevant to my sticker preference (die-cut, clear, holographic. etc.) but I also got to see many of the designs they’ve already created for former customers. In fact, I came for some simple die-cut stickers and wound up getting an additional 50 holographic units after seeing how well those turned out also! 


When it came time to order, I simply chose the size I wanted (2x2” to fit inside even the smallest of wallets for continuous brand recognition and recall), then chose the quantity I wanted based on the already-populated price points that showcased the deals I would get when ordering in bulk. How can anyone pass up 4x the quantity for a savings of 60%?!  


Custom Sticker Pricing | Sira Print



From cut shape options to lamination instructions, Sira Print knows that people buying stickers want a variety of different cuts. That is why they make it easy to simply choose what sort of cut you prefer with a drop-down menu that displays a host of options. 

I personally chose a custom cut that outlines our logo. This way, it popped on its own and the unique lettering didn’t have large and small spaces of background dependent upon the “white space” around lettering and images. They turned out perfect! And the custom cut really makes the lettering pop! 


Obviously, some designs will pop really well against a background which you can choose to make oval, rectangular and so on. Beyond that, we were able to choose the lamination type that we thought would be best for our sticker needs. 

Seeing as we were giving these out to donors, we wanted to go with a glossy look that would shimmer and capture their attention each time they took a glance. Because we personally gave these out as a “thank you” gift to donors, we wanted something attractive and also aesthetically appealing to show them our appreciation for their continuous financial support. 

Custom Sticker Lamination Options | Sira Print




Okay, the turnaround was phenomenal. I sent off my request for our logo with a simple jpg file and the specs we wanted (custom cut, glossy finish and quantity with major discounted pricing!) We could have chosen many other options of course! They offer sticker labeling, paper stickers, glossy stickers, holographic stickers, custom labels and more. 

Within minutes, I received an email letting me know my order was being processed and to stand by for a proof. It recapped everything to ensure I had ordered everything correctly and then, just as promised, within 24hrs, received a proof of what the final product would look like. 


This made it a no-brainer to continue with the purchase in confidence that I was getting exactly what I wanted at a price I didn’t even think was possible! 


Custom Stickers, Labels, Decals and More | Sira Print


Although this order wasn’t needed in a hurry, I was beyond surprised to get the stickers so quickly! I got an email letting me know that delivery was already pending and then the day of shipment, I found myself walking to the mailbox thinking that it would still be a few days. 

I ordered from the US and figured there'd be an additional waiting period for the commute alone. But lo and behold, there they were, in all their glory, in a perfectly packed (and bubble wrapped) envelope. I am grateful they were wrapped with such care since my mail person shoved the envelope alongside thick bundles of advertisements into our tiny parcel box. 

The stickers were in perfect condition and have been such a hit since we’ve started handing them out to donors. So much so, that others have asked how they too could receive one. This opens the doors for us to share about the work that the Grace Without Borders Ministries does and how people can support prison ministry through prayer and financial giving.



We are beyond impressed with Sira Print’s user-friendly website, multiple options for stickers and decals, quality assurance via email correspondence and proofs, and their speedy, yet safe, delivery of products. We are so pleased we found our ultimate sticker shop that we will stick with for the long haul! Thank you, Sira Print!  

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