Elevate Your Marketing with Acrylic Standees from Sira Print

Elevate Your Marketing with Acrylic Standees from Sira Print

Why You Should Consider Acrylic Standees as a Marketing Tool

The world of marketing is changing, and it's time for you to take the leap too. Acrylic standees are a great way to market your products and services at many events. With Sira Print by your side, you'll get all the help needed to create an effective marketing tool that will bring in new customers!

What is an acrylic standee?

Acrylic standees are a great alternative to traditional marketing tools like flyers and brochures. This type of promotional material is made out of acrylic (or plexiglass) plastic, which allows you to create whatever custom design you want without having it printed or laminated.

How does an acrylic standee work?

An acrylic sign will work best in an area with a lot of foot traffic. Simply place the sign on the floor, and it will attract customers' attention just like any other display!

Why should you invest in acrylic standees?

There are many reasons why plastic signs are perfect for your next marketing campaign:

- They are lightweight so they can easily be brought to different events.

- You get to design it the way you want, and there are no restrictions on colors or text!

- Acrylic standees can be placed outside without fearing damage from weather conditions like rain and sunlight

How do you actually create an acrylic standee?

Creating a sign can be quite easy. It is important to focus on what the goal of your standee is. Is it to stop traffic? 

Get onlookers to come into your store or stop by your tradeshow booth? Depending on what you want, you'll want to consider an effective design.

Here are some things to consider when you create an acrylic standee

- Colors and contrasting colors will attract attention, so choose carefully!

- Make sure your standee is not too cluttered. You want people to be able to easily read what it says on the sign - if they can't see or understand your logo/branding then you've lost a customer already!

- Make sure the standee is eye-catching, yet not distracting. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to walk by your sign without noticing it.

- Think about the size of the standee - do you need something that's large enough to stop traffic or smaller like a tabletop option?

Now that you know how to create an acrylic sign, it's time for printing! Sira Print will be able to help you choose the best material for your standee and provide a top quality printing service.

Our talented team of customer care agents will be there every step of the way - from designing, printing and delivering it straight to your doorstep! We promise to print an acrylic sign that is perfect for whatever marketing campaign you have in mind!

Why choose Sira Print for printing acrylic standees?

With Sira Print, you never have to worry about quality. We only use the best materials and printing techniques for all our orders so that your sign will be perfect when it arrives at your door!

PDF proof is provided before printing.

Production time may vary depending on quantity 3-6 business days.

Full color printing on both sides and acrylic is cut to any shape.

Our custom clear acrylic Standees come assembled to stand.

Printed on a 3mm (1/8") thick clear acrylic and provided with a clear base. Also, your standee will be double sided for max visibility.

You have the option of a round or square base. The base size will be determined during

the proof process since it will depend on the shape and width of the standees.

Visit our website and order your custom acrylic standee today!

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