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What Stickers Sell Best On Etsy?

If you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs, you know that success is dependent upon demand.  You know that you must offer products and services that attract revenue and preferably repeat buyers.  Well, one of the secrets is out. Selling stickers is, by far, one of the easiest and even most cost-effective ways to score a lucrative career with loyal customers. Question is, what stickers sell best on Etsy and other platforms? Read below to stock up on stickers that are most likely to fly off your shelves and into your customers’ carts. 

Seasonal Stickers

Tis the season for selling stickers!  No matter the time of year, focusing on an Etsy dashboard that supports the current and upcoming seasons is always a win.  Decor is huge for times like winter, when people are indoors but want to spread the love of the holidays with many.  From snowman and nativity stickers to customized to/from labels for presents, sticker sheets and decals that help celebrate the season are a winter win! 

Fall is a most popular time with the changing color of leaves and the back-to-school binging.  From pumpkins to pencil box labels, all things school-related are a big hit when offering stickers that sell for the season. 

Spring and Summer also boast their own exciting mood and holidays which you can capitalize on.  Focus on sticker sheets that are whimsical and nature-themed, focused on freedom and frolicking. All things beach and fun-in-the-sun are sure to make a splash! 

Custom Seasonal Stickers

Animals/Pet Stickers

Always consider an animal-themed template of sorts on your Etsy shopping area. Pets and even mythical creatures are stickers that sell best on Etsy. Reason being?  Who can resist the temptation of seeing their pet in person, let alone, on their coffee mugs while at the office? Beyond that, wild animals have made quite a stake in the sticker world too.  Think sloths, giraffes and butterflies. For obvious reasons, animals and pets are one of the top selling stickers out there and should definitely have a “fur”ever spot in your Etsy shop. Just look at how @critterco on IG is creatively printing pets and profiting!

Car Sticker Decals

From professional to political stances, everyone knows that car stickers have maintained their popularity for decades with no sign of slowing down.  People love to show off everything from which states they’ve visited across the country to their hobbies of running marathons and even their obsession with dogs. Stick family stickers are always a big hit, especially with the added flare of humor or embellishments that showcase what makes each member unique. What about your love for cats or moon-eyed cartoons? Whatever you fancy, enjoy options that represent you to the core. 

Naturally, you can also opt for even showcasing your own brand with a nice link to your Etsy dashboard.  Imagine that! Using stickers to help you sell stickers.  Pretty ingenious, no? What a great way to get max exposure, picking up customers as you commute and even prompting purchases while you’re parked. If nothing else, vehicle traffic can turn into website “traffic” and get you more leads to your Etsy shop!

Hydro Flask Stickers

Hydro flasks are definitely a hot seller. This insulated, travel-friendly drinkware isn’t just hydrating, but also a very popular item for stickers. Sharing stickers that are displayed on a hydro flask are sure to get the creative waters flowing for your customers.  Highlight stickers that are motivational (seeing as many water drinkers are mindful of health), showcase gym logos , display names or initials in the event of loss of the bottle and lastly, stickers that display vibrant colors and phrases are sure to enforce the habit to hydrate. Even better? Water bottle stickers are waterproof and weather-resistant. Drink up this artist’s take as a great example! 

Custom Hydro Flask Stickers


Custom Sticker Sheets

Stickers are ideal for everything from nostalgia to niche industries. While customized stickers are often sent in and done a la carte, there is also a desire for multiple stickers per order.   Accomplish this by offering stickers sheets that boats numerous designs all on one sheet.  They get more bang for their buck and you get to reap what customers see as value in variety.

In fact, one innovative (and delicious, might we add) way one of our customers is sharing her artistic talents is via sticker sheets that show off her artistic talent and love for food. See what’s cooking at Leyhann

Custom Food Stickers

The above are just a few of the many ways you can share stickers that sell best on Etsy or other platforms you choose to use.  Be sure to at least highlight some of these popular options so that the rest of your work is also admired and invested in!  Got questions?  Give us a call!  Our goal is to help you create lifetime customers with stickers that last.  Rest assured our quality designs and production are sure to enhance your brand and impress upon your niche market that you’re their ideal choice for stickers and decals.