The 10 Most Common Questions about Printing Labels

The 10 Most Common Questions about Printing Labels

The 10 Most Common Questions about Printing Labels

When it comes to printing labels, we get asked a lot of questions. Here, we will share the most common questions about printing labels. Whether you are looking to label items for organization, personalization or products for purchase, there are plenty of reasons to invest in high quality labels, printed by Sira Print.

Why labels are important

Labels are used to update, inform, and instruct. They can be found on products of all types, from food to machinery. They provide directions for use or assembly, expiration dates, ingredients lists, nutrition information and even warnings about the use of the product. 

If you look around your home or office, you can likely find labels on several objects. In fact, we see a "used" sticker on a book, a price tag on a world map still in the box, and an ingredient label on our beverage as we write this!

Why labels are good

If you've ever wondered why labels matter, it is because they are important to the safe or effective use of whatever is being labeled. Product labels can be crucial for keeping your family healthy, especially if they have allergies or certain dietary preferences.

Labels tell you what something is and where it came from: a barcode on food tells you how much the product costs and identifies the company who made it, a price tag on a lamp shows you what you should pay for it, or even the discounted price it now sits at! Who doesn't love saving money?

Labels can also help you identify an item if it is lost or stolen, as well as to aid in its recovery. In addition, labels can be helpful when something is recalled or there is a safety scare. Oftentimes, a label can also serve as a way to obtain a refund. If it says where the product was manufactured or sold, you can return it or contact the manufacturer for more details.

Label formats

Labels come in many shapes and sizes, but the two most common are circular and rectangular. Circular labels are durable and can hold their shape on any product, no matter its shape or texture. Rectangular labels often cover more area than round ones, letting you print more text. They are especially good for lengthy instructions or warnings.

Fortunately, at Sira Print, we can print custom labels in any size, shape, color, etc. We also have lamination options that range from holographic to glossy and so on! You can choose what you need for your unique labeled projects and trust us with the perfect print out!

Labels can be created using free software

There are many different free online tools that allow you to create the label design you want! Take Canva for instance. They have a ton of label options that are fully customizable when you log into their platform. 

With their free account, you can edit the label to look how you wish and then simply save the design file to upload on our site for printing! It is that easy!

Are labels recyclable?

Yes, they are!

One of the best labels out there are compostable or biodegradable. They allow you to print an adhesive label on a paper with organic material in it so that the label can be thrown into the soil without harming any plants. This is great if your items need to spend time outdoors before use, as the added protection of a biodegradable label is useful against water damage or excess wear.

How labels make money

One of the many ways people use labels is to enhance the products or services they are selling. For example, labels provide additional information about what you are selling, giving the customer more value and plays on our natural inclination to learn. It also helps people find your product or service in stores or online.

Being able to provide an added-value aspect on a purchase is great for artists and small businesses because it means they can charge more for their item. The more you know, the more valuable your product or service becomes!

Other labels are used to create an emotional response in customers. Labels can be designed to make people laugh while grabbing their attention because of their unique look. People enjoy interesting designs and this means they may look at your label multiple times before making a decision. Capturing attention as a brand can help with gaining more customers in the long run! Consider sheet labels to get more custom stickers and labels for your buck. 

How labels are made

Labels are made in many ways, the most common of which is with adhesive materials that can be applied to paper or corrugated cardboard. The label itself may also be foil-stamped and inserted into a clear sleeve for presentation purposes.

Customized labels are made with whatever design and information is requested by the customer. Depending on whether they need a roll of labels or individual ones, these labels can be made in many different colors and sizes.

We offer both types of printing at Sira print - if you would like to learn more about our custom sheet and custom roll labels pricing for label printing services, please contact us today!

How labels are printed

Labels can be printed in many different ways and with a variety of different inks. Packing labels, for example, may be labeled using solid color inks that won't blend together when applied to the paper or cardboard surface. These labeling methods are mostly used to identify what is contained within the package such as liquids, powders and so on.

Sira Print can design colorful or even metallic labels that are tailored to your needs. It all depends on what you want for your project! We take your uploaded image files and print them directly onto your labels so that they turn out just how you want!

Customized labels are printed using a variety of processes to ensure the ink stays on the material and doesn't come off. Then, we add a lamination process that is completed with a roll of clear material to ensure the labels are waterproof and durable. This will prevent damage from moisture, weather, or other forces that could potentially compromise your custom label!

When are labels useful and where are labels used?

Labels are useful in many different ways! They provide added value to your product or service, which makes them worth more money. You can also use labels for advertising purposes by providing information about what they are selling on the package.

Labels help package goods so that they are easily recognized when being delivered or picked up from a store. Here is just a small list of the many custom label orders we fill at Sira Print.

What to do if labels will not print correctly at home?

So often, we gain our wonderful and loyal customers after they have struggled with getting their at-home computers to print quality labels. Either the paper gets jammed, the labels do not stick, or they print with a strange-looking font on them.

In order to avoid the frustration of dealing with this problem, we encourage all our customers to upload their label files directly into our site for printing! In that way, you will know what your labels look like before they are even printed and you don't have to deal with potentially wasting product in the case that your labels don't print correctly.

Labels are useful in many different ways! They provide added value to your product or service, which makes them worth more money. You can also use labels for advertising purposes or when packaging goods. 

Labels are used at home and in classrooms to organize materials, files, and other objects . NO matter your label printing preferences, contact us and we are happy to be of service!

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