Measuring the Success of Your Custom Vinyl Sticker Campaigns

Measuring the Success of Your Custom Vinyl Sticker Campaigns

Measuring the Success of Your Custom Sticker Marketing Campaigns

Custom vinyl stickers and die cut sticker decals can be a powerful tool for helping to spread your brand message. Whether you’re using custom stickers for promotional purposes, as an effective way to grab attention on social media, or simply as a creative way to communicate your message, custom sticker campaigns can be incredibly successful. But how do you measure the success of custom vinyl sticker campaigns?

Measurement points

The key to realizing the success of custom sticker campaigns is to identify what metrics you want to monitor and measure. Here are a few elements you should consider when evaluating your custom vinyl sticker campaign:


How many people have seen or interacted with your custom stickers? Do they appear on your website, are they used as part of an advertising campaign, or do people share them on social media?

Here are the top 5 stickers you can use to get a lot of visibility for your brand because they tend to travel further with your customers:

  1. Die-cut custom vinyl stickers on car windows and bumpers.
  2. Waterproof custom vinyl decals on hydro flask bottles.
  3. Custom laptop stickers.
  4. Vinyl custom wall decals at high-traffic areas.
  5. Custom phone case stickers.


How many people are interacting with your custom sticker campaign? Are they commenting, sharing, liking, or retweeting? One clever way you can use custom stickers is to create a QR code on custom vinyl decals that customers can scan to get a special offer or discount. This way, you can measure how many people are scanning the code. You can also set up notifications to receive info on the time of day people are scanning the code.


Do you know who your custom sticker campaign is reaching? Which age groups, genders, and regions are seeing your custom vinyl stickers? Demographic data can help you understand which parts of your custom sticker campaign need to be improved or changed. Create custom stickers with different phrases that are popular among various age groups. Depending on which stickers you go through fastest will give you an idea of the demographic you’re getting the most traction with.


You can create custom stickers that directly correspond to conversion. For example, offer custom stickers with a discount code that customers can use when they make purchases. When you measure the number of custom sticker orders placed using the discount codes, you’ll have an estimate of how well your custom vinyl sticker campaign is converting.

By evaluating these measurement points, you can gain valuable insight into the success of custom vinyl sticker campaigns. This will help you optimize custom sticker campaigns and ensure that they reach your desired goals.


Are custom vinyl stickers a viable way to increase brand awareness? Are your custom stickers being shared and seen by the right audiences? One clever way you can measure this is to use custom stickers with unique words or phrases that customers can use to mention your brand. Measure how many times the custom sticker is used in posts, comments, and other interactions. This will give you an idea of how much awareness your custom vinyl sticker campaigns are generating. For example, using a hashtag before a phrase unique to your business, you can type that hashtag into Instagram to see how often it's being used as well as who is also posting content using that term.


How engaged are people with your custom stickers? Are they using them as conversation starters, or sharing photos of your custom stickers on social media? We live in a world where people love to share their emotions and their life experiences with others on a broad scale. 

You could create stickers that are meant for wear and see how often they show up online in someone's feed. A great example of this is if you are a local small business that supports a well-known sports team. Consider creating wearable stickers showcasing your support for the team, then measure how often it is shared on social media.

Measuring custom sticker success is an important part of understanding what works and what doesn't in your custom vinyl sticker campaigns. By getting creative with custom stickers and tracking the different measurements, you can get an accurate idea of how successful your wearable custom sticker campaign is.

User Experience.

How are custom vinyl stickers impacting people’s user experience on your website or in stores? Are custom stickers making it easier for customers to find what they need or navigate around your site? You can use custom stickers within your brick-and-mortar store to direct buyers to look for specific items in certain areas. When customers have an easier time finding what they need, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Consider measuring your sales of a certain product or area, like "athleisure" before and then after you place custom floor decals or stickers directing consumers to that area. You can see if custom vinyl sticker campaigns have a positive effect on the user experience and, in turn, sales numbers.

By using custom stickers to measure success of your custom vinyl sticker campaigns, you can make more informed decisions when creating new custom sticker campaigns in the future. With the right measurements in place, custom stickers can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy.


Are custom vinyl stickers increasing conversions? Are custom sticker campaigns helping to convert more customers than other methods? You can create custom stickers that are to be brought back in store for redemption. This can help encourage repeat customers and track responses from custom sticker campaigns.

You can also use custom stickers to measure how people react when seeing your custom sticker in unexpected locations. For example, if you put custom stickers on bus stops, measure the response rate or conversions after a few months to see what kind of results you get.

You can begin to ask people who frequent your website or physical location where they learned about you, giving them the option to quickly share if it was by word-of-mouth, a custom sticker they saw at a specific location or even something else. This will give you a better understanding of how custom vinyl sticker campaigns are impacting your overall conversion rate and success.

With the right strategy and measurement points in place, custom vinyl stickers can be a powerful and effective way to get your message out there. By understanding how custom vinyl stickers are performing, you can adjust campaigns accordingly and continue to reach your desired goals.

In conclusion, custom vinyl stickers can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy when used correctly. By putting the right measurements in place and utilizing custom sticker campaigns in creative ways, you can measure success on various levels such as user experience, demographics, conversions, and more. With custom vinyl stickers, you can accurately track how successful your campaigns are and make adjustments to ensure that your custom sticker campaigns are reaching the right people.

For all your custom sticker printing needs, feel free to reach out to us at Sira Print. We offer custom die cut sticker decals to help you create an effective custom sticker campaign. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to helping you make your custom vinyl sticker campaigns a success!

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