How to Order Custom Acrylic Charms from

How to Order Custom Acrylic Charms

 How to Order Custom Acrylic Charms

Are you interested in ordering custom charms for your jewelry line or store? Perhaps you're a mom who wants to create a unique charm bracelet for your child. Or maybe you're a marketer looking for a creative way to promote your company or product. 

Whatever your reason, ordering custom charms can be a great way to add that personal touch to your products or gifts. Here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering custom charms:

1. Decide what type of charm you want.

There are many different types of charms available, from traditional metal charms to enameled or glass beads. Do some research to find the right type of charm for your needs.

A popular charm type that we specialize in creating is a clear acrylic material that is printed in full color. The beauty about these acrylic charms is that they don't show white on the back but still show a mirror image of the front in color.

2. Choose the right size.

Most charms are small, but they come in all different sizes. Keep the scale of your project in mind when selecting the size of your charms.

You'll notice on our Sira Print site that you can order different sizes. Common sizes range from a few inches by a few inches, but of course, we are able to also create your custom sizes.

3. Consider adding an inscription.

One of the great things about custom charms is that you can have them inscribed with whatever text you like. This is a great way to add meaning or sentimentality to your piece.

4. Pick the perfect quantity.

Custom orders usually have minimum requirements, so be sure to order enough charms for your project without going over budget.

That makes our custom acrylic charms ideal for small businesses looking to add swag and quality giveaways to their marketing efforts!

A few clients and industries we have seen use custom charms are:

- Jewelry makers. 

Jewelry makers can benefit from adding charms to their product line in a variety of ways. Charms offer customers the ability to personalize their jewelry, making it more meaningful and memorable. Additionally, they provide an easy way to increase sales, as customers are attracted to the idea of customizing their jewelry with unique charms. Moreover, charms are relatively inexpensive to produce, meaning that jewelry makers can keep their prices competitive and maximize their profits. 

- Retailers. 

Customers may also be encouraged to purchase additional charms to add to their existing charm collection, generating even more revenue for the retailer. Furthermore, many customers enjoy the personalization aspect of charms and are willing to pay extra for personalized pieces. 

- Clothing lines.

Clothing lines can benefit greatly from adding charms to their product line. Charms come in various shapes and sizes, which allows them to be highly customizable and personalized. This makes it easier for customers to find something that truly reflects their own style and personal tastes. 

Additionally, charms allow clothing lines to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating a unique look that stands out from the crowd. Acrylic charms are also relatively inexpensive.They can be attached to almost anything, making them a great way for clothing lines. Finally, charms add an element of fun and excitement to any product line, making it more attractive and appealing to customers.

- Schools and educational organizations.

Schools can benefit greatly from using charms as giveaways. Charms offer a unique way to reward students, teachers, and staff for their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. These charms can be something that the school logo or mascot is attached to, along with custom designs featuring the school name and colors. These charms are an excellent way for  schools to promote their brand and give a tangible reward for students’ success.

Charms can be used as giveaways at events such as pep rallies, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, or any other school-wide event. They are also perfect for individual achievements such as academic awards or athletic honors. Charms are very affordable, making them ideal for schools with tighter budgets. Schools can also order custom charms to commemorate special events or milestones, creating a unique memento that students and staff will treasure.

Finally, charms are an attractive way of recognizing donors and sponsors who have contributed to the school’s success

- Hotels and resorts.

Hotels and resorts can benefit from using charms as part of their service offerings. Charms are a great way to welcome guests and make them feel appreciated, which can lead to increased loyalty. Additionally, charms can be used as incentives for repeat customers or new bookings, helping to attract more business. 

Furthermore, charms can be used to add decorative touches to a hotel or resort, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests. Finally, charms can be used as marketing tools to help promote the hotel or resort, showing potential customers that the establishment takes pride in its services. Overall, incorporating charms into hotels and resorts is a great way to make customers feel at home and boost the business' bottom line.

- Restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Restaurants, cafes and bars can use charms in their marketing efforts to draw attention and create a unique customer experience. Charms are a great way to surprise customers with unexpected rewards or freebies that will make them come back for more. Charms can be used in combination with loyalty programs to reward loyal customers, or as stand-alone gifts for special occasions.

Charms also provide a great way to personalize the customer experience. Restaurants, cafes and bars can create custom charms that feature the logo or message of their brand. These custom charms can be given out to customers when they order something special, or even included in gift baskets.

By offering charms as a reward, restaurants, cafes and bars can also increase their visibility in the local community.

- Automotive companies.

Automotive companies can use charms in their marketing efforts in a variety of ways. For example, they could create limited edition promotional items such as keychains or lanyards with company logos and mascots featured prominently. 

These items could be used to reward loyal customers for their continued support. Charms could also be used to create unique items to commemorate special occasions or milestones such as the launch of a new car model. 

Finally, automotive companies can use charms to create merchandise that customers can purchase. Proudly display their loyalty, such as hats with charm emblems on them or shirts featuring a variety of charms related to the company. By using charms in this way, automotive companies can create a sense of community and loyalty with their customers. 

- Real estate professionals.

Real estate professionals can use charms in their marketing efforts to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers. Charms can give a real estate business an edge on the competition by creating a more engaging, visually appealing presence online. 

For instance, real estate agents could incorporate charms into postcards, flyers, and other offline materials to create a memorable impression.

- Event planners.

Event planners can use charms to help them in their marketing efforts. Charms create an emotional connection with potential customers and make the event more memorable and enjoyable. By offering personalized charms or special limited edition charms, event planners can give people something unique and valuable to remember.

For example, a wedding planner might offer a bride and groom charm to commemorate the special day. Charms can also be used to create buzz and excitement around an event. For example, a concert could offer unique charms as rewards or giveaways to people who attend the event or share it on social media.

Charms can also be used in conjunction with marketing campaigns such as launching a new product or service, hosting a fundraiser, or celebrating a milestone. Event planners can create special charms to give away during the event and also use them in their promotional materials.

Charms are an effective way for event planners to build relationships with their customers and grow their business.

5. Place your custom charm order! 

Once you've determined the artwork, simply place your order with Siraprint and you'll have your custom charms in no time!

We have a streamlined ordering process which ensures that your charms will be quickly designed, produced, and shipped. Plus, we always provide quality assurance on every product to make sure you love the end results!

Our custom acrylic charms are produced within 3 business days from approval. They are custom cut to any shape with a  0.085" hole for your keychains, jewelry, bracelets and more. 

The protective clear covering is removed to save you time.  We print on a 3mm (1/8") thick clear acrylic, turning your art into memorable acrylic charms. 

If you need a different drill hole size, simply let us know! We are happy to accommodate you! 

Ordering custom charms is an easy way to add a personal touch and create something unique for your customers or friends. Whether you need simple metal charms, enameled beads, or full-color acrylic charms, Sira Print has you covered . With our streamlined ordering process, quality assurance guarantee, and bulk discounts, you can create the perfect custom charm in no time! Contact us today to get started.

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