How to Design and Print a Powerful Logo

How to Design and Print a Powerful Logo

Logo Design and Logo Sticker Printing

There's no question that a great logo is vital to the success of any brand. But what makes for a truly eye-popping logo design? How can you create a logo that will really make your brand stand out from the crowd, especially when used as custom stickers, decals and other marketing materials? Here, we share our best logo design tips from our friends at logogenie, as well as, how to turn those quality, custom designs into die-cut decals that are sure to garner attention for your business!

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when designing a logo that pops:

1. Keep it simple. 

A complex logo is often difficult to comprehend at a glance, so it's important to keep your design as simple and straightforward as possible. If you are unsure where to start, consider the quick and easy process with logogenie. Simply plug in a few keywords and let their template customization get the gears going!  

2. Make it memorable. 

A logo that is easily forgotten is not going to do your brand any favors. Aim for a design that is both distinctive and easy to recall. You could potentially take several mockup versions side-by-side and ask folks to vote on which they find more memorable. This serves two-fold! 

First, you’re getting feedback right away from people you are already connected to in social circles, be it friends, family, co-workers and social media networks. Keep in mind that, while you may get a lot of varying opinions, focus on the ones that resonate most with your niche demographic. 

Second, you’ll find that when you do finally opt to go public with your design and have your brand logo printed into custom stickers and decals, the very first people that will want to jump onboard with sharing your brand products and services will be those who helped “design the logo”. Being invested, even if just by way of opinion on a color or placement, actually encourages people to support your brand. 

3. Consider your color palette. 

Color can be a powerful weapon in your logo design arsenal. Use it judiciously to really make your logo pop. This is especially helpful when working with professionals who know which colors enhance others, but also which colors typically exude certain emotions. For example, blue and yellow are synonymous with intellect and trust. Whereas bold colors like red incite passion and intensity. 

4. Pay attention to typography. 

The right font can make all the difference in your logo design. Choose a typeface that is both visually appealing and easy to read. Consider where your niche audience might be placing your logo design once they receive swag in forms of custom logo stickers or decals. From water bottles to windows, you would do well to opt for something exciting and legible all the same!  

5. Think outside the box. 

Don't be afraid to push the boundaries and think outside the box when designing your logo. A truly original design is more likely to make a lasting impression. This is where the creative geniuses behind logo genie can make your first impression a lasting one. You can trust their customization process will give you plenty of ideas that are far more impressive than a boring font or a cluttered mess. 

Creating a logo that pops for a brand makes it easier to produce stickers and decals for marketing purposes. This, in turn, helps create brand awareness and can boost sales. When customers see a product with a catchy logo, they're more likely to remember the brand and be intrigued enough to make a purchase. Once you’ve got that logo design down, printing custom stickers is a breeze with us here at Siraprint! 

The majority of our clients use their custom business stickers as promotional products to market their services or products. Learn more about roll labels, custom car stickers, custom bumper stickers and die cut stickers all through our site. Get inspired and benefit from fast, free shipping, with a quick 3-day turnaround on orders! 

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