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Custom Car Decals - Customizing Your Ride

Vinyl car decals in Canada

Do you have a passion for cars? If so, then you may be interested in adding custom car decals to your ride. Car decals are one of the most popular ways to show off your love and excitement for vehicles. They're also a great way to make your vehicle stand out from others on the road!

But what are custom car decals and how can you get them? Read this blog post to learn everything about these awesome stickers that will help customize your ride today!

What are Custom Car Decals?

Custom car decals are stickers that display a message of your choice. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be customized with features such as colour, size, opacity, typography, and more.

The possibilities really are endless! Some popular messages include "Rezd Up!", "Boosted", "Splash!", and "Purple Haze". 

Other car owners opt for decals that highlight their family members, clubs they are part of, milestones they've met (like 26.2 marathons) and their love for animals. Really, custom car decals are as unique as each person in the world is!

How Do You Get a Custom Car or Truck Vinyl Decal?

Custom car decals can be purchased from various retailers depending on your needs. Some offer a variety of different shapes and sizes for each sticker, while others may only have one shape to choose from. It's important to do some research before purchasing as you want the perfect size for what you're looking to advertise.

At Sira Print, we offer car decals that are custom-made to your specifications. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colours for car decals that are sure to stand out on the road!

Custom car decals come in a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on what you're looking for. Some people love them because they can help add some personality to their car while also making it stand out from others nearby. Who knew you could print personality?

How Much does a Custom Car Decal Cost?

Custom car decals are a purchase that can be tailored to your budget! The cost can range depending on the size and quantity you have in mind for your decal projects. At Sira Print, car decals start at as little as $0.50 per car sticker, and the price can go up depending on your design requests. Fortunately, no matter your quantity, you'll always get the highest quality of print materials and free shipping from us!

custom car decals printer

What Should I Consider When Choosing Custom Car Decals?

When choosing your car stickers, it's important to consider what message you want to convey as well as how many car decals (or car window stickers) you need! Other considerations include: size, colour/opacity, typography features like font type or lettering style), and more.

Car decal messages should be customized to your preference, and with Sira Print's process, you'll get a proof within 24-36 hours so you can confidently order after approving a mock up of your design.

Where Can I Find Ideas For My Personalized Message?

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to custom car decals as there's no right or wrong answer. However, some customers choose messages that speak to their lifestyle or their mottos in life. You can also get creative and customize a message that matches your car's personality or what you want to promote! Talk about getting literal traffic to your website or social media channels!

What Types of Car Decal Shapes are Available?

The shapes available in custom car decals range from simple circles, triangles, squares, hearts, stars, etc. At Sira Print we can custom cut with precision, the designs you're submitting. This is called a vector cut and when it's done correctly, car decals can be applied to your car window or vehicle with ease.

One of the other great benefits of custom car stickers is that they're optically clear so you don't need to worry about blocking visibility from any angle!

car decals permanent?

Do car decals have to be permanent?

Nope! Car decals are an easy way to customize your car without having to do anything permanent like painting it yellow (unless that's what you want!).

At Sira Print, we allow customers to create their own designs and upload within our ordering process. As mentioned earlier, all car sticker orders come with a proof within 24-36 hours so there aren't any surprises when you get your order delivered! We also offer free shipping anywhere in Canada and the United States.

What can car decals be used for other than cars?

Car decals can also be used on other car parts, motorcycles, car windows, laptops and more! When you go to place an order for custom car stickers at Sira Print, simply share what type of sticker you want, the quantity and lamination preference, and once you receive them in the mail, you can place them wherever you desire!

Can car decals be seen at night?

Car decals are made from car window film and as such, they can be seen at night. This is one of the many reasons why car stickers are a popular option when it comes to customizing your car!

How long does a car decal last?

This really depends on how often your car gets washed. Vinyl is highly durable and weather-resistant. Sure, constant exposure to water, sunlight, snow and ice (depending on where you live) can cause fading over time. This doesn't mean they'll disappear overnight!

For some people this might not matter as much because their car isn't getting cleaned all that much; however there are ways around car stickers fading prematurely which we have listed below:

- Wipe down your vehicles surface with a car cleaner (ex. car wax) to maintain the exterior car decal

- Apply a clear coat on top of your car decal as this will create an additional layer that protects it from UV rays and moisture

- Don't expose car window stickers to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, even if they're covered by windows or tinted glass - this causes them to fade prematurely!

where can car decals go on a car?

Where should car decals go on a car?

Custom car decals are typically applied to the car's window or windshield. They can be placed on any area of your car, but for best visibility we recommend placing them as close to eye level when you're driving down the highway! Much like a bumper sticker, you can place these design tools anywhere you fancy. 

Why Choose Vinyl for Custom Car Decals?

Vinyl car decals are a popular choice because they're optically clear so your car's visibility is not blocked at any angle, and vinyl car stickers can last for years or even decades if properly cared for!

In addition to being water-proof with its durable material makeup, car window film also protects from scratches that come from car washes and car scratchers. This is because car decals are made from a thin, flexible vinyl that can be applied to the surface of your car window without any adhesive, which means it's easy to remove!

How Do Custom Car Decals Work?

Car vinyl works in three easy steps: you apply the "backing" film onto any clean surface such as your vehicle's paint, then remove the paper backing, leaving just the adhesive side sticking to your car; lastly peel off each individual sticker one at a time, applying it wherever you want!

Custom car decals are a great way to make your car stand out from others while promoting whatever it is that you want to promote. But before purchasing them or designing one of your own - do some research into the size shape, type and colour of custom sticker as well as how many car stickers (car window stickers) you need so they fit in with design vision

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