Custom Acrylic Pins are the Hottest Trending Swag

Custom Acrylic Pins are the Hottest Trending Swag

acrylic pins printed fast and cheap

Are you looking for a new way to promote your brand? Custom acrylic pins are the latest and hottest trending swag. Here, we share all the things you need to know to have your very own acrylic pins printed fast and affordably!

What are acrylic pins?

Acrylic pins are just like regular metal pins, but made out of acrylic. They're great for adding your logo to something that will get worn often. This is different from some other swag like clothing or sign, which might only be worn once or twice at most before they go into the trash (or back into the closet).

Because they are lightweight and designed creatively,  acrylic pins are a great way to give your brand more visibility than any other swag out there.

Acrylic pins are very popular with event-goers at trade shows and conventions, but they aren't just for business events! Anytime you want to make a bold statement about who you are or what you stand for is the perfect opportunity for custom acrylic pins.  More on that here shortly!  Here are your burning questions about acrylic pins and why you should choose us at Sira Print to deliver what you're envisioning!

What sizes of acrylic pins can I get printed?

You can get small acrylic pins, large acrylic pins and everything in between. We also offer a no minimum order limit (that means, from 1 to 1 million pins, we'll make them for you).

How many colors should I include in my pin design?

As many as you'd like.  No matter your design, we can print it for you in high quality, bright colors and sharpness!

What are the most popular shapes for acrylic pins?

Honestly, this too is up to you! We have printed it all and are always amazed by what else comes through our site! We regularly print round, rectangle, oval, and heart-shaped acrylic pins. You can also print custom shaped acrylic pins -- anything your creativity desires!

Can I get a preview of my custom pin design before I buy them?

Absolutely! At Sira Print, we always offer a proof for your approval before we print. This is a great opportunity to make sure everything looks exactly as you'd like it and works perfectly with the design of your custom acrylic pin!

What does it cost to order customized pins?

There's no reason to break the bank when you're purchasing promotional swag, as we offer significant discounts with each increase in quantity.  Rest assured, even if you order as little as one pin, you'll still always get the highest quality service and product!

How do I pick a design and color scheme for my acrylic pin?

This can be whatever your heart desires. Oftentimes, people will design acrylic pins with their logos, brand mottos,  or favorite colors/patterns to help their pins stand out. There is a wide range of uses and designs ideas we print consistently! You can also order personalized acrylic pin badges with photos or images of family, friends, pets . . . the list goes on!

Are acrylic pins durable?

Acrylic pins make wonderful promotional items because they are made to last.  We print on a 3mm (1/8") thick clear acrylic turning your art into a memorable clear acrylic pin. Our pins are also shatter-resistant. Plus, as an added bonus, they are waterproof!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our custom clear acrylic pins are produced within 3-6 business days from approval. You will receive the product ready assembled and ready to use. We even remove the clear protective covering to save you time.

Do the pins come with protective backings as well?

Yes, your custom acrylic pins will be provided with a butterfly clutch backer. The pin is adhered directly on the print in the back.

How are businesses marketing with custom acrylic pins?

You can use these custom pin designs as giveaways at events or conventions, or even just give them out on their own. They’re affordable enough that you could buy one for each of your employees too!

The best part is that they’re easy to order – just upload your design and let us do the rest. We offer free shipping on all orders as well so they are arguably one of the most cost effective promotional items.

Why are custom pins better than stickers for swag?

We don't discriminate! We are big fans of stickers! However, right now, businesses are finding that pins are making more of a splash as swag. Because they are a bit heavier and can be pinned to more places than stickers can (like fabrics), they are trending big time!

What are the benefits of using custom pins over other promotional swag?

Simple! The affordability factor for one! Promotional products are a great way to boost brand exposure and make a lasting impression with your audience.

However, the cost of swag such as pens, mugs and other promotional items can add up fast! Custom pins allow you to get all of that recognition while spending almost nothing on the actual product!

As we mentioned earlier, there are no minimums either. So if you only want a few dozen, we can make that happen easily! If this sounds like something right up your alley then click here now to get your custom acrylic pins printed fast and delivered quickly! While you’re there, you can also always take a gander at our other hot and trending items like custom car stickers, custom roll labels and more for your products and services!

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