Innovative Uses for Custom Floor Stickers

Innovative Uses for Custom Floor Stickers

Clever Ways to Use Custom Floor Stickers

When floor stickers first came out, they were primarily used for floor marking. Floor graphics are being used in all sorts of ways! In this blog post we will discuss some of the most clever uses for floor stickers. You'll learn about floor sticker applications in hospitals, warehouses and offices - not to mention how useful these simple pieces of vinyl can be at home or on the go!

Healthcare organizations benefit from vinyl floor stickers in many ways.

The most common use of custom stickers is floor marking, especially in hospitals and urgent care centers. Floor decals are a great way to mark hazardous objects or areas that need special attention (like defibrillators).

But, beyond that, floor decals are a great way to liven up any healthcare location. For example, children's hospitals use floor stickers to make the floor look like a game board or cartoon road. This makes it easier for children to get around and find some joy in an otherwise somewhat difficult visit or stay.

Naturally, social distancing with floor decals is easier to define as well. Floor stickers can make it easier to set boundaries in different areas while still allowing for the movement and flow of traffic.

You can use floor decals for floor marking or to liven up your practice. They can improve safety and provide peace of mind to patients and healthcare professionals alike!

custom garage floor stickers and decals

Organizers get the dimensions right the first time with custom labels and floor stickers!

In some cases, floor decals are a great way to make sure you get the dimensions right before placing floor tiles, carpet, furniture and more. That is because floor vinyl stickers can be removed without damage and reapplied as many times as needed for sizing purposes!

Floor decals offer an easy way to test out your flooring ideas with your home decor before making any actual commitments. 

Decorate the ground in graphics with a unique floor decal for your kids' play spaces!

Floor stickers are a great way to add personality and flair. Floor decals can come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors!

Custom floor stickers are the perfect opportunity for you to inject some of your own creativity into any floor space - especially where kids are going to be interacting. This can be anything from the alphabet to animals, or even floor stickers that look like a gym floor.

Floor decals are easy to apply and can be removed without damaging your flooring! When you finish with your design ideas, simply remove the floor stickers and start over on another idea - there's no harm done. Floor graphics offer an amazing opportunity for creativity in any floor space.

Floor decals can be applied to flooring materials like wood, tile, stone and more! Adhesive vinyl floor tiles can be included as part of the experience and fun! We can design decals no matter where the kids are playing. Plus, we can print any size or shape of high quality vinyl decals.

decorate kids room with floor stickers

Floor stickers can also be used as temporary flooring at trade shows or conventions, even as ceramic tile.

During trade shows, floor stickers can make it easier to define boundaries for traffic flow. They are also a great way to mark where certain booths or areas will be so that everyone knows exactly where a specific booth is set up for display!

Floor decals can come in all shapes and sizes, and most are made from vinyl (which is removable without damage) for flooring purposes.

As an added bonus, floor stickers can really hold up when you're going to have a lot of foot traffic coming in and out at conventions or conferences. Even more exciting and helpful, is that they are slip resistant. 

Floor stickers are also used in warehouses and storage locations, 12 x 12 floor and wall paper stickers and more.

Floor stickers are used to mark the direction of forklifts that have gone. You can showcase boundaries beyond designated areas. Also, perhaps, where specific pallets or loads should be loaded and unloaded. But even aside from large warehouses, you can use floor stickers in your own sheds or garages to mark where items are stored.

In conclusion, floor stickers have a wide variety of uses. You can trust Sira Print to provide floor stickers that are easy to apply and remove without damage. No matter the size, we can print your floor sticker designs that help you create safe, functional and decorative spaces.


Use floor stickers in your home gym.

Use floor stickers in your home gym.

Floor stickers can be a great addition in the gym or bootcamp. They are a visual tool that can help motivate you to keep going and stay on track with your physical fitness goals.

For example, floor stickers are a great way to guide you through intervals or mark certain areas where you should focus on different muscle groups.

Even better, floor stickers will help keep your floor space sanitary with an easy-to-clean, yet durable, vinyl surface. Once you've completed your routine or workout for the season, all floor stickers related to that routine can be removed from the floor without damaging the flooring material. You can even move floor stickers around as your exercise routine evolves!

Why choose Sira Print for printing custom floor decals or stickers?

Even better, Sira Print offers free shipping and a fast turnaround - you even get a proof prior to printing to ensure you'll receive exactly what you're envisioning! Contact us today with your ideas or head straight to ordering with our easy 3-step process.

In conclusion, floor stickers are great for floor marking and livening up a location. They can make it easier to set boundaries in different spaces while still allowing movement.  This is helpful for flow of traffic and testing out floor design ideas. Do this before making any permanent and costly changes.

Floor stickers come with a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors so you can add personality and flair everywhere from the playroom floor to trade show areas! To top it off floor decals are easy to apply and remove without damaging your flooring materials - so start designing today on

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