Highlight Your Holiday Sales with Custom Stickers

Clever use of Stickers in Stores to Promote Sales during Christmas

Clever use of Stickers in Stores to Promote Sales during Christmas

Stickers, decals and custom labels are a great way to help promote sales and improve brand recognition in stores. Using stickers to highlight a product or feature can draw attention from customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Custom stickers are especially effective as they can be designed specifically for the products being sold, and eye-catching visuals will help increase customer engagement. Here are some fantastic ideas to get customers compelled to shop more in your store this holiday season!

Fancy the festive.

Stickers are a great way to add festive cheer to your store display and create an inviting atmosphere for customers. They can also be used to draw attention to limited-time offers or discounts, helping boost sales during the holiday season. Custom stickers featuring seasonal visuals such as snowflakes, holly leaves, or Santa clauses will give your store a customized look that stands out in the crowd.

To maximize their effect, custom stickers should be placed strategically throughout the store. Placing them near frequently bought items or special promotions is an effective way of drawing customer attention.

Use Sticker Rolls with Holiday Prints to Package Your Products

Additionally, custom labels and decals can be used to package products in attractive holiday-themed designs. This creative use of custom stickers is an effective way to highlight unique gift items and encourage customers to purchase them as presents for their loved ones.

Make their Shopping Trip Memorable and Merry

Custom stickers can also be used to make your store memorable by creating custom designs that are associated with the holidays and also given away as gifts with purchase. For example, custom sticker sheets featuring a Santa Claus or snowflake with your logo on it will help customers remember your store when they think about Christmas shopping. You can also place your logo on a snowflake sticker that secures their receipt to their bag or package.

Drive sales up with an incentive displayed via window clings.

Custom window clings are a great way to advertise holiday promotions or discounts. Place custom stickers on your store window with eye-catching visuals and deep discounts to drive sales. This is an effective way of attracting new customers, as well as heighten the likelihood they will spend a certain dollar amount. For instance, consider a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sticker or perhaps "Buy 3, get 1 Free" on in-store purchases.

Capture those emails with a QR code on an acrylic standee at checkout.

Using custom QR codes on custom shaped acrylic standees is a great way to capture customer emails, which in turn can be used for email marketing purposes. Place the custom standee at the checkout counter, and customers will be able to easily scan the QR code with their phones and sign up for your email list. This is an effective tool for increasing customer engagement and building loyalty.

Here are a list of our top 8 customer industries and how they order stickers, roll labels and more from us at Sira Print to hone in the holiday sales and promotions.

1. Shopping malls

Shopping malls use stickers to direct foot traffic as well as remind people who to shop for when visiting. An example of this is custom stickers used to direct customers to the right stores with holiday-specific deals. For instance, a large sticker that says, "Get Mom what she really wants this year. Massage and facial spa packages are 30% off now through December 24th."

2. Restaurants

Restaurants often use custom roll labels for their takeout orders, especially around the holidays when there is an increase in takeout orders. They also use custom decals or clings on tables to promote their holiday menu and custom stickers on windows to advertise special deals or discounts.

3. Clothing Stores

Clothing stores often order custom die cut stickers from Sira Print to promote holiday sales and deals. They also use custom decals or window clings to highlight the top items that customers should check out during the holidays. For example, they may have a custom wall sticker that reads, "Stay cozy this Christmas. 25% Off All Coats".

4. Toy Stores

Toy stores use custom sticker sheets to highlight the items that are must-have gifts for the holidays. They often feature custom stickers with images of popular characters or toys and attractive slogans like, "The Perfect Gift is at Bob's Toys". 

Toy stores like to share their own magazines showing toys they will have on sale. Then, they add custom sticker sheets like "I want this" and "Please, oh please!" where kids can place their decals on their heart's desires throughout the toy catalog.

5. Electronics stores

Electronics stores use custom roll labels for pricing and inventory control. They also use custom decals or window clings to advertise special holiday deals or promotions. For example, a custom wall sticker with their logo and the slogan, "Get Dad The Gadget He's Been Dreaming About. 50% Off Now Through December 24th".

6. Grocery stores

Grocery stores and even farmer's market locations like to use stickers for labeling items in the produce section and custom decals or clings on windows to advertise special holiday deals or discounts. For instance, they may have a custom window cling that reads, "Holiday Dinner Made Easy. 10% Off All Ham and Turkey Now Through January 1st".

7. Automotive business

Automotive businesses like to use window decals for service reminder stickers and to advertise special holiday deals or discounts. For example, a custom wall sticker with their logo and the slogan, "Happy Holidays and Safe Traveling from Paul's Automotive. 10% Off All Service Now Through December 31st".

8. Home improvement stores

Home improvement stores use custom decals or window clings to advertise special holiday deals or discounts relevant to the season. For example, a custom wall sticker with their logo and the slogan, "The Gift of Home Comfort. 20% Off All Heating and Cooling Now Through December 24th".

With custom stickers, decals, labels, and more, you can create a memorable holiday shopping experience for your customers this season! By using custom vinyl stickers strategically throughout the store to highlight products and promotional offers, as well as package items in attractive designs, you’ll be able to boost sales and make your store stand out this Christmas.

Contact us at Sira Print today! Sticker printing is fast and easy, so you’ll be ready to spread the holiday cheer in no time. From custom decals and wall stickers to labels and window clings, we have something for everyone. Let's help make your business shine this season.

Happy holidays!

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