Best Uses and Locations for Weatherproof Stickers

Best Uses and Locations for Weatherproof Stickers

 Best Uses and Locations for Weatherproof Stickers

Do you need to get your message "out" there? As in, outside or on an external surface where the volume of people is high but so are the winds? Maybe there's a popular location with great visibility. But, what if your marketing decals aren't durable enough to "weather" all that foot traffic?

Sira Print is the best choice for weatherproof decals that will last! Our weatherproof stickers are perfect for outdoor advertising, events, and more. They’re guaranteed to last up to 5 years in any climate or condition! Here is our list of best uses and locations for weatherproof stickers.

Use weatherproof decals on vehicles.

Your car, bike, or boat: weatherproof stickers for your vehicle are perfect for any weather, so you can enjoy your vinyl decal stickers without worry of them peeling off when it gets hot out!

Oftentimes, people use car decals to advertise themselves, their business, or to make a statement. Our weatherproof stickers can keep your motor vehicle's mottos and marketing designs sharp and are even safe for your car's paint job!

Show that School Spirit with weatherproof stickers and decals.

Weatherproof stickers outside of schools are a popular choice with both parents and kids alike. Make sure to choose decals that will stand out from all the other decals in order to get your message across! 

From team spirit to mascot pride, there are plenty of ways to use glossy stickers or static clings that can keep up with the kids! That vinyl lettering in high gloss is sure to send the visiting team home running! 


Business buildings.

Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, weatherproof stickers look great on buildings and storefront windows! You can use weatherproof stickers and decals to advertise your business, your brand, or any other message you want to get out to the community.

You can also count on weatherproof vinyl window signage to stand up to the storms. This is especially helpful when you need outdoor social distancing floor decals that lay stable with a durable adhesive vinyl. 

Don't forget your fleet!

In addition to using weatherproof stickers as marketing tools outside of businesses, many companies also use these same weatherproof custom window decals on vehicles within their fleets! Check with your marketing team to design weatherproof stickers that can make a memorable statement while safely navigating through everyday traffic. Consider too, that your car can always work as a marketing tool, even when your commuting is done for leisure!

Community billboards

Do you have an event coming up? Use weatherproof die cut stickers as billboards by adhering them in high traffic areas so everyone has access to your awareness message!

Just make sure that your weatherproof stickers are visible enough for people at all times of day. For example: during the daytime, weatherproof stickers with bright colors work best--especially if they will be used on glass.

At night time, weatherproof stickers with dark colors are your best choice.

Sports and Games

Rain or shine, competitors show up and fans gather. Weatherproof marketing tools can make even the most popular sport more fun. 

To name just a few, weatherproof stickers can be used on soccer balls, footballs, or baseballs. Fans can show support with large poster boards boasting weatherproof stickers.

You're guaranteed to score big with weather proof stickers from Sira Print. Consider weatherproof stickers and decals for different weather situations, such as snow stickers for winter sports.

Sporting Facilities

Advertising with weatherproof stickers on sporting facilities is becoming more popular than ever before. Whether you're promoting your gym, hosting a special event, or just letting people know about your business hours, weatherproof stickers are certain to stand the test of weather time and time again.

Outdoor Art Galleries and Museums.  

Weatherproof decals work great outside art galleries and museums where high traffic can make their journey from one gallery to another rather difficult in inclement weather conditions. If you'd like to create outdoor art exhibits on a glass surface with weatherproof stickers, that also works well!

Outdoor Retail Shops.

Weatherproof stickers on outdoor retail shops are versatile because you can place them in front of traditional sign displays or weather-resistant backdrops. As always, weatherproof decals will weatherproof your message and allow it to stand strong through even the toughest of conditions.

durable waterproof stickers

Boat waterproof stickers and decals.

Are you ready to take your boat out? The sun may be shining, but weather conditions change quickly when you're out at sea. Weather proof decals and weatherproof stickers are perfect! And with our numerous selection of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes we have every individual's needs covered here at Sira Print.

Staying hydrated while you’re out in the sun? Make sure your water bottle labels are also water resistant and weatherproof! 

Outdoor art.

Weatherproof stickers can also be used to make outdoor art! You can create beautiful murals with weatherproof stickers on sidewalks or walls; weatherproof labels are perfect for street signs; you can even decorate boulders and rocks around your garden with weatherproof decals!

Dress up your water bottle.  

Sport bottles, reusable water bottles , travel coffee mugs...just about any beverage container you can think of is perfect for weather proof marketing ! A great way to advertise a cause--use weatherproof stickers to spread awareness about plastic waste and pollution.

Events, festivals.

Weatherproof vinyl stickers take a lot of weather in stride. Whether you're at an outdoor festival or fair, weatherproof decals have the durability to stand up against all weather types and resist damage from the sun's effects! No more worrying about your event signage--it can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it!

Back of your skateboard or surfboard

Whether it's a half-pipe or a rolling wave, weatherproof stickers on a skateboard or surfboard must hold up. Keep that custom artwork or sponsorship sticker well-placed and highly visible.

In the woods

This might sound like a "wild" one, but we've honored this request before. Weatherproof stickers on trees are great for communicating survival tips and other helpful messages!

On your family's water toys.

Weatherproof stickers can be used outside without worry of them peeling off when it's hot out. Label your outdoor goods like beach toys, kayaks, pool equipment, camping gear, and outdoor game sets with weatherproof decals.

Your refrigerator or freezer door

Weatherproof stickers are great for your fridge or freezer because they will stay put despite condensation. Use weatherproof stickers to label what's inside, or weatherproof labels for meal planning or daily menus so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

An additional tip is to think about your portable cooling devices also. Label weatherproof decals on ice chests and coolers when you're headed out to the beach, park, or camping site for the day!

On an umbrella handle

Label your rain gear with weatherproof stickers. This can include items like umbrellas, rain boots and ponchos. They can be any shape you want and won't get ruined by weather like other types of decals do!

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Decorate your grill with a decal.

Are you the GrillFather? Is your motto "Holy Smokes"? Surprisingly, many people name and decorate their outdoor grills! 

Does your grill have a nickname? Whatever the case, our weatherproof stickers can stand up to the heat.

A weatherproof sticker in a child's room.

Indoors? The parents reading the blog understand this one. Weatherproof stickers are perfect for decorating even in rooms that aren't always weather-controlled! 

Kids can bring with them all sorts of elements - from food and water to paint and dirt. That said, you'll want decals that are not only weatherproof but kid-friendly!

Weather proof decals on outdoor lockers or storage sheds

Weatherproof stickers on weatherproof storage sheds or weatherproof lockers are a fun way to label the contents. You can create family labels, indicate what is inside each locker and weather proof decals will stand up to weather and other elements for years!

On an electronic device indoors (mac airbook stickers) or outdoors (label devices)

Label your cords, list your WI-FI codes and more on your outdoor devices. These durable weatherproof stickers will last through anything, so you don't need to worry about them melting in the sun, freezing over or breaking down.

We know you’re showing off that MacBook air 13 too. You can choose to customize stickers for your MacBook pro 13 or other coveted models. We know Apple lovers also love their mac decals and want to show them off as often as they can in public. Cover your laptop in the decals you love without worrying about wear, tear or weather! 

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