7 Unique Ways to Use Custom Stickers for Gifts and Giveaways

7 Unique Ways to Use Custom Stickers for Gifts and Giveaways


Custom Stickers for Gifts and Giveaways

Custom sticker printing has become one of the most cost-effective and clever gifts to give for fun or even as means of growing a business! Custom vinyl stickers are a great way to show someone you care, be it kin or customers! Here are seven creative uses for custom stickers as gifts or giveaways and how you can get started printing your customer stickers today!

1. Put them on a loved one's laptop or tablet as a sweet and simple gesture.

There are so many different custom stickers that you can make to put on a loved one's laptop or device. At Siraprint, we can print stickers of all different shapes, sizes, and colors so let your imagination run wild! You can find or create stickers that have special meaning, like "I love you" or "Best Friends Forever” or you can opt for an inside joke that you design yourself and submit for print. Whatever you choose, custom stickers are a sweet and simple gesture that is sure to put a smile on your loved one's face every time they use their tech. 

2. Create a one-of-a-kind gift wrap by covering a box or bag with stickers.

There are so many different types of stickers out there, and it can be hard to decide which ones to put on the outside of a box or bag. If you're looking for something fun and unique, why not try out some weather resistant stickers that feature your favorite pop culture characters or quotes? You could also go for something more whimsical, like pretty flowers or sparkly stars. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personality (or your brand’s) and amuses the recipient! 

3. Decorate a plain t-shirt or scarf with iron-on decals for a personal touch.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to custom iron on stickers as gifts! You can get creative and design your own, or find pre-made designs that fit the recipient's interests. Some popular ideas include initials, monograms, quotes, or images. They make for a unique and thoughtful present that is sure to be appreciated. Some businesses add their motto and give away comfy shirts as swag.  Others purchase iron-on labels that are unique to an event, like a reunion or 50th anniversary theme. If you can think it, we can print it! 

4. Make greeting cards extra special by adorning them with custom stickers.

More than 1.6 billion cards that are purchased each year are Christmas cards, making it the most popular seasonal greeting card. About 145 million Valentine’s day cards are purchased each year – though that figure excludes classroom tear-apart valentines. Mother’s Day comes in third, with 133 million cards sold. That said, you can always make sure your cards are set apart with an added embellishment! Consider your letters sealed with a kiss … cut sticker!

5. Add a touch of personality to your gift tags by attaching custom stickers.

EVer sat around waiting for someone to open their gifts? The recipient usually reads off from whom the present is from while everyone awaits the reveal of what’s inside.  Imagine showing off from the get-go with a custom holographic sticker included on the gift tag! You could even surprise everyone with a unique sticker design meant just for them, like a penguin sticker for your spouse and a giraffe for your tallest child. All the while, the presents awaiting them under the tree are as much a mystery as to what’s inside until you reveal who each animal represents come gift-opening time. Have fun with it! 

6. Jazz up your party invitations by sending them out with custom sticker seals.

When it comes to party invitations, there are endless possibilities for custom sticker seals. For a fun and festive touch, try using stickers that match the theme of the party. For a more formal affair, consider using elegant seals that give the invitations a touch of class. Throwing a beach bash? Add beach balls stickers to the back of the envelope. No matter what the occasion, custom sticker seals are a great way to add a personal touch to invitations.

7. Use custom stickers to create a unique and memorable calendar. 

If you are a fan of personal planners and photo-filled calendar gifts, you can always add some sticker sheets for added flair and functionality! 

Custom stickers are a great way to mark important dates, highlight special events, or just add a bit of personality. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas:

-Monogram stickers: These are perfect for adding a touch of class to your planner or calendar. Use them to mark important dates or to dress up a boring page.

-Quote stickers: Motivational or inspirational quotes make great custom stickers. Use them to brighten up your day or to remind yourself of your goals.

-Decorative stickers: If you want to add a bit of fun to your planner or calendar, try using some decorative stickers. Flowers, animals, and patterns are all great options.

-Functional stickers: If you want your stickers to serve a purpose, consider functional options like flags, tabs, and arrows. These can help you organize your planner or calendar and make it even more user-friendly.

There are many reasons to use custom stickers for gift giving and at Siraprint, we make it easy to get your custom decals printed quickly and with the highest quality! Personalize a gift, add some flair to your presents and/or products and make an invitation really stand out! Contact us today for a free quote and also get a proof before your order ships! 

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