5 Reasons to Use Car Stickers to Enhance your Brand Exposure

5 Reasons to Use Car Stickers to Enhance your Brand Exposure

5 Reasons to Use Car Stickers to Enhance your Brand Exposure

You may not think of car stickers as a marketing tool, but they can be a powerful way to promote your brand. Custom car stickers are a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your small business and increase visibility.

1. Cost-Effective Promotion.

Custom car stickers are an affordable way to market your business or organization without breaking the bank. You can order as many or as few as you need from Sira Print, making custom sticker marketing a wise option for startups or small businesses with limited budgets.

You can simply send your current logo files or add additional details like contact information, catch phrases and more to create custom car stickers that will easily stand out while also telling potential onlookers exactly what you can help them with!

Consumers are more likely to contact a brand when they know what services or products are offered. Car stickers can proudly display your custom artwork and make it easy for potential customers to identify and contact you. Here are five examples of what your car stickers can say to get phone calls coming in:

  1. "Free Consultations. Tree Trimming Done Right"
  2. "1-day installation on windows. Call Today!"
  3. "30% off when you mention this car decal! Book a pool cleaning consult today!"
  4. "Let Us Help You Get Back on the Road. Ask about our auto repair services."
  5. "Need A Ride? Call Now for Airport Transportation."

Car stickers can potentially reach thousands of potential customers quickly and easily, especially if placed in high-traffic areas. Plus, custom car stickers provide unparalleled exposure by putting your message directly into people’s line of sight.

2. Increased Visibility.

Vinyl decals for cars can be a great way to increase visibility in your community and beyond. Car stickers are highly visible, so they’re a great way to display your logo and other brand information in high-traffic areas like shopping centers, sports arenas or busy street corners. That means, even when your car is parked, it is working hard to advertise for your business.

3. Durable.

At Sira Print, custom car stickers are made from durable vinyl material that can withstand rain, snow and harsh sunlight. They’re also easy to clean and won’t fade with time, so you can trust that your custom car decals will last for years to come and generate all sorts of leads and inquiries for years to come!

4. Easy to Use.

Custom car stickers are easy to install and can be applied on any smooth, clean surface. You can even remove them if you decide to switch up your branding or design, making custom car stickers an ideal choice for businesses that like to keep their branding fresh and modern.

Here are steps on how to correctly apply custom car decals for a lasting impression:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface area where you’ll be placing the car sticker.
  2. Peel off the backing of your custom car sticker and place it on the desired area.
  3. Carefully smooth out any bubbles with a credit card or other flat, hard surface.
  4. If necessary, use a blow dryer to warm the custom car sticker for easier application.

Custom car stickers can be a highly effective marketing tool. According to the American Public Transportation Association, custom car decals are up to 60 times more effective in getting potential customers to notice your business than traditional advertising methods. Plus, custom car stickers can be seen by up to 70,000 people daily, depending on the location of placement.

5. They're versatile.

Since vinyl decals for cars are so affordable, you can buy them in bulk and do far more with them than just place them on your vehicle! Consider these additional ways that people give out car decals, encouraging others to use them on their own vehicles as well. Talk about free advertising and word-of-mouth support of your brand!

Ways people hand out car stickers:

  1. Leave custom stickers in your store, office or waiting area-Include custom car stickers as part of a customer promotion or gift bag.
  2. Hand custom car stickers out at trade shows, conventions or other events.
  3. Send custom car stickers with your mailers or packages.
  4. Give custom car stickers out to employees, friends and family.
  5. Donate custom car stickers to area schools or non-profit organizations.

When custom car stickers are used in conjunction with other marketing tactics, the impact of your branding can be felt far and wide. With vibrant custom car decals, you can spread your message in a cost-effective and eye-catching way. Let custom car stickers from Sira Print help!

Ordering is easy! Here is a step-by-step process for having your custom car stickers printed from Sira Print!

Step 1: Select the Size of your sticker. Options include:

2" x 2"

3" x 3"

4" x 4"

Custom Size

Step 2: Select quantity.

Notice that the more you order, the more you'll save! In fact, orders in the 1000's get more than 80% off many times when ordering!

Step 3: Select your shape.

This can include options that range from custom cut, rounded corners, oval, round, rectangle and square.

Step 4: Select your lamination preference.

You can choose from glossy or matte. Many people choose glossy because it adds extra vibrancy to the custom car sticker. Matte works well also because it does not have a glossy or reflective finish, so it can be seen more clearly in all lighting conditions.

Step 5: Share any special instructions you have.

This can also include any specific guidance you have on splitting your order between a set number of stickers per design. For example, we offer you the opportunity to upload up to 4 files & we will split the quantity.

Step 6: Upload the file or files you are looking to have printed!

Step 7: A PDF proof will be emailed for approval in 24 - 36 hrs.

Simply share any revisions needed or approve and we will get started!

In conclusion, custom car stickers are an effective way to boost your brand exposure and get the message out about your business. With Sira Print’s custom car decals, you have the flexibility to choose from many sizes and shapes for a custom look that will make a lasting impression. Plus, with our competitive pricing, ordering custom stickers in bulk can save you money. So spread the word about your business and get custom car stickers today!

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