5 Custom Sticker Marketing Examples for Water Bottles

5 Custom Sticker Marketing Examples for Water Bottles

 Marketing Examples for Water Bottles

A custom water bottle sticker is a great marketing tool that can help promote your brand or message.  Water bottles are portable and convenient, making them the perfect canvas for your marketing message. Plus, they cover a lot of mileage for your brand’s exposure since your customers will be taking water bottles with them everywhere they go.  

Now, there is good custom sticker marketing on water bottles, and then there are great custom sticker ideas. Here, we share the basics and the advanced strategies in hopes that you can not only meet but exceed your customer’s desire for sporting your brand and sharing it with the masses. 

The basics of a successful custom sticker marketing campaign. 

If you're looking for some creative and effective custom sticker marketing ideas for water bottles, here are five rules that must be followed. 

  1. When looking to promote your brand with custom stickers on water bottles, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure your artwork is high-quality and easy to read, as it will be on a small surface. 

  1. Use bright colors to make your stickers stand out, and choose a durable material that won't fade or wear down easily. Keep your message brief and to the point - customers will appreciate a sticker that is easy to read and understand.

  1. For custom stickers on water bottles, we recommend avoiding text and designs that are too small – as they can be difficult to see on the curved surface of a water bottle. If you have a logo or other graphic that you would like to use, we recommend using a die-cut sticker so that it stands out.

  1. For stickers that will be exposed to water, we recommend choosing a material that is waterproof and/or UV resistant.

  1. Use a unique or eye-catching shape for your stickers. This will help them stand out from the crowd and make them more memorable.

5 examples of how to design custom stickers for marketing on water bottles. 

Custom sticker marketing is a proven way to get your brand seen, but to stand out from the competition is going to take a bit more strategy in the design process. Fortunately, at Sira Print, we only work with the finest quality of materials, so all that’s up to you is the initial design. 

Here are some examples of how to use stickers to build brand loyalty among your customer base:

  1. Get creative with your designs. Think outside the traditional rectangular shape and explore different colors, patterns, and graphics. You can always outsource this option to a freelance designer too if you get stuck. 

  1. Design a sticker for the water bottle that reads, "Take me with you!" and include an image of your company logo. This encourages water bottle owners to stay hydrated, but also to keep your company in mind when they're out and about. 

  1. Use a "save water" message on your sticker, along with an image of a water droplet. This is a great way to show your concern for the environment, and it also promotes your brand.

  1. Use stickers to create a sense of urgency. Perhaps tying in your water bottle logo with a QR code that prompts someone to fill out where they saw your sticker at and to earn a discount for a limited time when scanned! You can always change out the campaigns seasonally as well! 

  1. Include a QR code on your sticker that links to your website or social media page. This is a great way to make it easy for customers to find out more about your company and what you have to offer.

How to order custom stickers for water bottles.

Ready to up your marketing game with some high-quality stickers? Sira Print is here to help! We specialize in custom sticker printing, so we can create exactly the right design to fit your needs. 

Simply visit our website, select the type of sticker you need, upload your artwork, and choose your quantities. We'll take care of the rest and get your stickers shipped out to you ASAP. So “water” you waiting for? Get started on your next marketing campaign with Sira Print today!

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