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4 Reasons to upgrade to Holographic Stickers

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If you're looking for an even better way to promote your business, holographic stickers are the answer! Holographic stickers (also known as hologram stickers) are superior to traditional paper labels for a few reasons. Here, we share why you may want to consider this aesthetic "upgrade" if you will when ordering stickers online. 

Holographic stickers are more visible than regular paper stickers.

Holographic stickers are brilliant designs in more ways than one! What makes a holographic sticker so intriguing is  that the colors are vibrant! And still, they maintain a thin and sleek transparency that makes them easy to read.

Holograms show more detail than paper stickers. You can make out every minute detail of holographic designs in a way that's impossible with traditional labels. If you have intricate design or logos on your product, this is one sticker option worth considering!

Hologram stickers come in many different shapes and sizes. They're also available for all materials. So, there is a perfect sticker solution no matter what kind of project you need help with!

 where to order holographic stickers for printing

Holographic stickers through Sira Print are still often less expensive than other sticker options elsewhere.

Sira Print offers fun and design-forward holographic stickers at extremely affordable prices! They are made of a high quality vinyl material that is durable and waterproof, just like our traditional stickers. Their unique designs can be personalized to suit your brand's unique aesthetic, colors, logo, and even custom shapes! All while boasting that extra POP that holograms display!

Hologram stickers through Sira Print are unlike any other form of promotional product when it comes to their longevity! This makes them perfect for many different industries. 

Traditional labels can't compare when it comes to quality either - these designs show more detail than anything else out there. You'll see individual hairs or beads much better on a holographic design than you would a traditional sticker.  Instead of blurred blobs or clusters of color like on traditional stickers, you get a crisp and compelling look!

A better look than traditional paper labels - Hologram stickers can be customized to suit any company branding needs at Sira Print. The varied designs make them ideal promotional products. This is desirable for companies like travel agencies or fundraisers that need something long lasting as well as eye-catching designs.

Holographic stickers are easy to apply (no need for glue)

Traditional stickers are all too common. However, hologram stickers offer something that will set your product apart from the rest of the market! They're also durable and waterproof. Perfect for travel agencies with vacations coming up or fundraisers looking to promote their cause at an event. 

Holographic designs can be customized to suit any company's brand aesthetically. They can be both fun and design-forward!

 hologram stickers custom in Canada and USA

And even better, these promotional products don't require glue like traditional stickers do. This is great when you need quick turnaround times on orders but cannot wait for product labels to dry.

 Hologram stickers are available in a variety of shapes from Sira Print.

Holograms can be made with any color or design of your choice. This allows you to create stickers that seamlessly blend into their surroundings.

We use die-cut vinyl printing so that your holographic stickers can be manufactured with very small details in mind.

holograph stickers are durable and weatherproof also

Sira Print's holographic labels are the perfect form of marketing for your brand! They will leave a lasting impression with their one-of-a kind design and eye catching appearance. Save time and money that you would otherwise spend on more expensive printing methods.

Send us an email today so that we can create personalized holographic stickers for you! It'll be our pleasure to work on your project and meet all your needs from start to finish!

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