11 Ways to Use Wall Decals in Your Everyday Life

11 Ways to Use Wall Decals in Your Everyday Life

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Wall decals are a fun way to decorate your home or office. They also provide an opportunity for businesses of any size to market themselves with ease. It's true what they say, "You never know who might be looking." Wall decals can be used in places that you may not have thought possible, so let us show you 11 ways that wall decals can help improve your everyday life!

Kids’ rooms

Kids rooms are one of the most obvious place to use wall decals. They are a fun way to decorate your child's room, whether they are for decoration or as part of an awesome theme that you have going on! They are a great way to decorate a room but also showcase friendly faces they feel comfortable with.

Tip: You can have their favorite characters printed throughout their room, encouraging them to "make good choices", "brush your teeth and comb your hair" and more. Just add a chat bubble wall decal stating what you want your kids' role models and fave characters to encourage.

Motivational messages

Motivation isn't just for the little ones in your life either. Many people use wall decals to share inspiring words or phrases. This can be in your office, near where you work or in any other place that has a wall. It can be used to help motivate yourself and others around you with phrases like "You got this" or "Just do it".

These are just two examples of motivational messages that can also act as reminders for what is important to us! Have a family motto or a mission statement you want to keep at the forefront of everyone's mind? Get it printed as a custom wall decal and place it where you wish!

Decorating for seasons

Use wall decals to decorate for the season! Our wall decals can be used to decorate for any holiday or even different seasons. This is perfect if you are having a party, need some decorations fast or just want an easy way to get in the mood of whatever season it is.

Whether you want to add some spring-like flowers to add a little cheer to your home or add some leaves and pumpkins for Halloween, we have you covered! It's easy to change the look of your entire house in one afternoon with our wall decals.

Labeling garage or craft room items

Wall decals are the way to go when it comes to labeling your items. They can be used in any room that has a wall and do not require you spending time painting or stenciling anything yourself!

Outline garage walls with labels for where your gear goes. Not only can you identify what's missing, but your teenagers are sure to put things back where they belong! Consider also using garage decals to spruce up the place! Add some cool designs that inspire you to workout or work on projects!

Office spaces

Many front desks use the blank space to showcase a large custom wall decal of their logo. You can also decorate a brick and mortar location for very little expense. Don't paint the entire building! Just invest in custom wall decals that showcase your specials, mission statements, mottos and more!

This is a great way for small businesses that don't have the capital necessary to make huge marketing investments on their own. It's easy and you can do it all yourself in three easy steps! Simply upload your design to SiraPrint.ca, select your print preferences and then let us handle the rest!


We mentioned kids' rooms before, but nurseries can also be a wonderful way to celebrate the new little life entering your home with soft designs that are ideal for baby mode.

When you have a baby, you want to do everything possible to make their surroundings comfortable and relaxing. Custom wall decals can add the simplicity your child needs without being too overwhelming for them when they're older! Plus, who wants the challenge of a hand painted look when pregnant or expecting a child? Peel and stick decals are a life-saver. 

In place of wallpaper

Wall decals can help you "fake" a wallpaper look without actually using actual wallpaper. It's the perfect way to save a ton of time and money!

A lot of people today try to avoid putting up any type of paper or fabric that will need constant care and upkeep because it just isn't worth the hassle. Wallpaper is very high maintenance and can be a pain to deal with, considering the sticky residue and tedious application process. 

If you want the look of wallpaper without having to invest in something that will fall apart, we recommend using wall decals instead! Not only do they give off that same "wallpaper-like" appearance but it's simple and easy for anyone to apply themselves!


Wall decals are a fantastic way to make a smooth flat surface in your classroom fun and inviting for students. You can use removable wall stickers in any color or with unique designs that will inspire your kids, motivate them during class work time or even just give their walls some flair!

It's easy to transform the look of an entire classroom without spending much money at all. Plus, it's a great way to give the students some ownership over their learning environment!

Loving reminders from Mom and others

We have seen some pretty clever designs here at Sira Print, Inc. To include a custom wall decal for a bathroom that stated, "Wash your hands - Mom". Decals in the bathroom reminding people of their value and beauty is a trend that never dies.

You can also share messages and quotes from those who love you! This can be a great way to make your home feel more welcoming and truly show the people around you how much they mean to you.

Ceiling designs

Technically a ceiling is also a wall. Typically a large area of blank space that can serve as some nice real estate for clever or comforting designs. Some ideas of ceiling wall decals include the glow in the dark galaxies, star constellations, clouds, flowers, calming shapes and more!

Wall decals are a fantastic and inexpensive way to personalize your home or work space. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect design for any room in the house!

From nurseries to bathrooms, classrooms and more- we hope these 11 ways will help inspire you on how custom wall decals can be used in different spaces. If you need some ideas for what types of designs might work best in certain rooms, please let us know! Our team is always happy to provide assistance and make sure your decals are perfect for the look you are going for!

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