How to Manufacture Quality Custom Stickers for Less

Sticker Manufacturing: How to Manufacture Quality Custom Stickers for Less

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Welcome to Sira Print Inc! The single-stop business in the world for sticker design and printing. Where custom stickers can be printed with matte, gloss UV coating and nearly any height or width that you want. Stickers don't cost much and are easy to distribute anywhere.

Beyond that, you can manufacture your stickers with us quickly and without error since we provide a proof for your approval prior to printing. With FREE shipping options and deep discounts for bulk orders, Sira Print Inc. is the best place to get your die-cut and holographic stickers or decals printed. Our stickers are weather-proof and boast bold, attention-grabbing finishes.

Whether you are a small business owner, an artist, or just someone who likes to have custom stickers for your laptop and water bottle, the answer is yes, you CAN have your very own custom stickers manufactured - and quickly! Let us show you how easy it is with this little bit of know-how and some very simple steps!

Custom sticker manufacturing in Canada and USA

What are stickers made of and how do they work?

Stickers are made of varying materials like vinyl, which has adhesive properties. It's also very durable and can be printed on using an inkjet printer.  Stickers work by being applied to surfaces and then peeled off with ease. They are most often used for labeling, customizing items or just creating a fun project that can be shared with friends. Meaning, just about anything you can think to create for a sticker or decal can be manufactured!

What do I need to manufacture my own stickers?

Software is a necessary investment to manufacture your own stickers.

You'll need more than just a design or template in mind if you want to print your own stickers. You'd also need to invest in a printer, inkjet or laser. Design software is a great tool to have in your arsenal as well, but can cost a pretty penny.

Costs of manufacturing my own stickers versus outsourcing to Sira Print Inc.

It takes a ton of time to get the design right.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of costs associated with manufacturing stickers on your own, like,  for example, the price of a printer and ink cartridge. Not to mention the time it takes to design the perfect image or messaging with text and graphics.

The value of volume when manufacturing stickers.

You likely won't be able to produce thousands of custom stickers at one time which will drag down your profits per sale. If you're serious about making a profit, we recommend outsourcing your printing needs! Our customers know that when they purchase Sira Print Inc. custom stickers, they're getting a premium product at an affordable price and the fastest turn around time of anyone in our field.

Is it expensive to manufacture my own stickers?

Depends on your budget, but ideally, you'd need to consider the cost of manufacturing your own stickers involves setting up a printing press. You will need to buy different types and sizes of vinyl, matte or glossy paper for printouts as well.

The price is going to vary depending on the size of sticker you want to manufacture. There are also different types of stickers, so if you do not have a printer and need to print your design at an office supply store, that is going to cost more as well.

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How to design your own stickers?

Designing your own stickers can be a fun and creative endeavor! You'll have to use design software, like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Procreate to name a couple .  They typically have different design 'elements' you can choose from and customize with colors, fonts, and more to make your own. 

Are there free resources for designing custom sticker designs?

If you do not want to pay for the design software yourself, there are plenty of free alternatives available online that will allow you to make stickers without spending any money at all. For instance, has a really great free option that allows you to  access thousands of images, fonts and templates for your stickers.

How to have my own custom stickers manufactured and printed - Sira Print Inc.

Tips for designing a great looking custom sticker.

There are a few tips for designing your own stickers, but the best advice is to make sure you're clear about what it will be used for and who it's going to appeal to.

For instance, if you have kids at home that love sticker books or games - they may prefer something with bright colors and fun designs over something more serious.

If you're selling a product, create a design that  will help convey the message of your product.

If you're creating stickers to promote your business, make sure that they are in line with what is being offered and will catch people's eye at a glance!

How can I get someone else to manufacture my custom stickers?

If you are looking to outsource your sticker production, we here at Sira Print Inc. are ready to help.  This is perfect for those who do not have the skills or resources needed but still want their own custom stickers!

There are several options available on our site for custom stickers and decals, including, holographic stickers, iron on labels, floor decals and more!

What is the process to have Sira Print, Inc. manufacture custom stickers?

We offer a few different options to get your stickers printed.  The first, and most popular option is to upload your design. You can choose the size of sticker you want from any that we manufacture here at Sira Print, Inc. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for the sticker manufacturing process:

  1. Design your own artwork using Procreate, Photoshop (free) or Illustrator (paid). If this sounds like too much work for you then there are plenty of websites where artists will design your designs for a fee - check out Fiverr!
  2. Upload the file to our website and choose what size, quantity, cut and lamination you want them to be printed as. Notice big discounts with higher quantities, as well as, options for additional instructions or notes should you have any special requests.
  3. Add your info into the cart and proceed to checkout with the confidence of knowing that we will send you a pdf proof of all of your requested designs BEFORE you approve the printing process. Once approved, we get to printing right away!
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Is it best to have someone else manufacture my custom stickers?

You may be able to manufacture your own stickers, but it depends on the size of sticker you want. The price is going to vary depending on the size of custom stickers and there are different types too - if you do not have a printer and need to print them at an office supply store, that will cost more as well. 

If designing your own artwork seems like too much work for you or you just don't know how, search online for free options where artists will design your prints for a fee! Once approved by customer (you), we get printing right away. It will be an honor to serve you so please reach out with any questions you have when it comes to manufacturing your own custom stickers.

In conclusion, you should outsource having custom stickers printed.

We hope you found this article, "How to manufacture quality custom stickers for less" informative and useful. If you are looking to have your own custom stickers printed, please consider using Sira Print Inc! We are here to help you produce high quality products and get them in your hands quickly. Reach out and give us a shout! Our sticker manufacturing experts are happy to help. Have a fantastic day and happy printing!

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