How Iron On Labels can Boost your Business

How Iron On Labels can Boost your Business

How Iron On Labels can Boost your Business

Do you want to make your clothes look more professional? Maybe you want to add some cool designs to your staff's t-shirts?  Whatever the reason or occasion, custom iron-on labels are a great cost-effective way to boost any business' attire and pride! Here, we answer all of your pressing questions about how iron-on labels work!

-What are iron on labels?

Iron on labels are special stickers that have an adhesive side that is heat activated.

Where can I use iron on labels?

Iron on labels can be used on fabrics. They are an easy solution for adding identification to clothing, bags and other belongings. Some people also like using iron labels to decorate their DIY creations!

How do you apply an iron-on label?

Each label will come with specific instructions, but generally you place the shine side of the label onto the material and press down to attach it. You can usually use an iron or a hair dryer for this! Once attached, be sure to wait for the adhesive to cool and settle before putting it through any sort of washing process.

Do Iron On Labels come in different colors?

Iron on labels are available in full color. The color of your label will depend on what you choose when buying them! With us at Sira Print, anything is possible! You can get custom-made iron on labels, in any size and any printed colors!

How do I order Iron On Labels online?

We make ordering online super easy! In as little as 3 steps, you can have your custom iron ons being sent to you! Simply upload the design you want on our website, selecting the size, quantity, cut shape and any special instructions. From there, we will send you a proof to approve before processing and once you say we are "good to go". your labels will be printed and shipped shortly thereafter!

How do you care for iron on labels?

We know you want your purchases to last for a long time so here is how to best care for your iron on labels. 

-Remove the label before laundering.

-Wash your garment inside out, in cold water on a delicate/gentle cycle.

-Use a mild detergent and avoid bleach.

-Hang or lay flat to dry. Make sure not to place it near heat when drying! Iron on labels are 100% machine washable, but we still recommend following these general guidelines!

Do you have other labels and stickers for sale?

Yes, at Sira Print we offer a wide range of custom labels and stickers, well beyond just durable iron on labels. We specialize in printing labels and stickers in any shape, size or color. We can even do custom die-cut stickers, weatherproof and holographic stickers, vinyl stickers, acrylic pins , floor decals, wall decals and so much more!

What are the benefits of using Iron On Labels?

The benefits of using custom iron on labels are many! People use iron on labels to do all sorts of unique things. Including labeling children’s school supplies, branding business attire with a logo or phrase, standing out in a crowd with a custom design for family trips or reunions at theme parks and so on. 

We recently processed an order so our customer could label athletic equipment for their school’s sports teams and even helped a small business with custom iron labels for their shirts and tablecloths for their upcoming conventions.

Iron on labels are essentially removable stickers that have an adhesive which will stick to fabric so that text and graphics make a statement!  They can typically be removed with little damage to clothing. They’re also an easy way to personalize items that don’t have any tags or engraving. 

You can even use them for labeling children's school supplies, sports equipment, or anything else you need! And best of all, they're super affordable - so there's no reason not to try them out.

Desire: The process is simple too! Just follow these 3 steps and you'll be ready in minutes. First, find the right size label for what you want to label (we can create any size you need!).

Next, peel to remove the backing paper and place it where you want it on your item (you can stick it directly onto fabric if needed). Finally, press down firmly with an iron between a medium-hot setting for about 15 seconds per inch of thickness. That's all there is to it! Now go show off those new iron on clothing labels at work or around town!

Still have questions? We pride ourselves on excellent customer service - just check out our reviews! Feel free to reach out and we would be happy to assist you! Happy labeling!

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