Boost Sales with Black Friday Stickers & Decals

Boost Sales with Black Friday Stickers & Decals

Boost Sales with Black Friday Stickers & Decals - Sira Print Inc.

It’s about to get crazy.  Because Black Friday is just around the corner and online and in-person buying habits are projected to soar. Nothing says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays quite like a massive die cut vinyl decal on a shopping window that says “Up to 70% off!” 

For a variety of reasons, now is the time to capitalize on your customers’ desires to shop til they drop and put the year behind them with some good old fashioned retail therapy. 

This Black Friday, order stickers and decals that will bring you more customers and sales than you anticipated!  It’s all about convenience, comfort and cost-efficiency. So, here are just a few of the many ways you can order stickers and decals to promote your products and pricing specifically for your Black Friday sales!  


With everything that has taken place this past 6 months, many new convenient ways of paying have become the new norm - and expectation - of consumers everywhere!  That said, if you are offering beneficial ways to pay like touchless or contactless payments via POS (point-of-sale systems)  or perhaps have the convenience of curbside pickup, Black Friday shoppers can really appreciate these safe and time-saving options!

Showcase what you are offering this Black Friday with decals that are sure to lure in every consumer, whether they are big on discounts,  distance or both! 


 Undoubtedly, the main incentive behind Black Friday are the deals that beat any other time of year.  That said, you’ll want to make sure people know what you are offering and how it compares to others!  Make their decision easy for them and entering your brick and mortar location a no-brainer! Opt for large decals for the building or the window that displays deals with vibrant and appealing designs!  

Make shopping easy and take the frantic out of the Black Friday Frenzy.  Consumers and cash registers alike will appreciate easy-to-follow guidelines for checking out. Not to mention, the more people you get to and through your store, the more purchases are successfully made.  Consider floor decals that navigate shoppers through your location while also deterring theft!  

In fact, thefts on Black Fridays are on average 2 percent higher, according to an analysis of thousands of theft claims by insurance companies over the past seven years. That said, make checkout easy to spot and a streamline process that encourages honest and timely checkout processes. 


If you’re already shipping out products, now is the perfect time to add a few extra stickers that will encourage a follow-up visit to your location or ecommerce store come Black Friday and the Cyber Monday frenzy to follow.  Consider using decals to not just secure packaging but also potentially secure a subsequent purchase. You can also throw in coupon codes and similar. 

Whatever you can fancy, we can create and get shipped out to you in bulk.  Consider a sticker sheet also with a variety of different deals, discounts and verbiage meant for your customers. 

Here is a list of orders we have recently processed for custom stickers and decals to promote Black Friday deals.


1. Place Black Friday stickers in all the right places!

If you're looking to take advantage of Black Friday sales, then be sure to include stickers in your marketing materials. Use these if you want to highlight the discounted pricing available on items this Friday! Place them on ads, website banners, window displays, marketing emails or newsletters—wherever your customers are looking.

2. Use Black Friday stickers to welcome new customers and early-bird shoppers!

If you're opening your store early for Black Friday sales, be sure to let all of your new customers know! You could include a sticker on the front door or window that says something like, "We're open at 6am!"—further inciting them to come in early.

3. Send post cards with Black Friday stickers!

If you're looking to do a little Black Friday mailing, then be sure to include a sticker or two! You could attach some fun stickers and mention that you are having a "Huge Black Friday Sale!" encouraging customers who receive it to stop by for big discounts.

4. Include stickers on your door hangers and fliers!

If you're advertising your Black Friday sales, make a statement by including some stickers on your flyers and door hangers. For example, you could attach a sticker shaped like a bullseye that says "Black Friday Sale!" with an arrow pointing at the store!

5. Use Black Friday window decals to help advertise deals!

Black Friday window decals are perfect for when you're looking to do some in-store advertising. You could place a sticker shaped like a coupon with the Black Friday advertisement and make it stand out on your storefront!

6. Attach custom stickers to packages purchased prior to Black Friday!

Want to make your Black Friday even more exciting? Include a sticker with every purchase! You could include small, fun stickers on items sold before the big day and encourage your customers to take photos and post about their purchases using #BlackFriday and @yoursite.

7. Decorate the entry door of your retail location with promotionals, like decals and posters !

When it comes to Black Friday, don't forget your front door! You can decorate your store's entryway with some new signage and promotional materials. Get creative this holiday season by using stickers shaped like wreaths or bows around the door!

  1. Consider a QR code with your logo for exclusive Black Friday deals!

If you are not using social media then start. If you are using social media then everything from now until the end of Cyber Monday should be building up your big sale. Social is where your best customers are; they chose to follow you and want to stay in the loop, this behavior should be rewarded.

Offer your followers special offers or products as a method to acquire new followers on all of your social platforms. Using custom stickers with QR codes that link to your channels is an easy approach to promote your social media accounts.

9. Say 'Thank You' with stickers for those who support you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

When it comes to making your customers feel appreciated, don't forget the little things. After all, big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be nothing without them! You could hand out stickers or include some in their receipts that say something like, "Thank you for shopping locally!"

10. Promote good behavior with Black Friday promotional items!

When it comes to the holidays, everyone is trying their best to be on their best behavior and get as much as they can for their money. Make your customers feel special by including stickers shaped like stars that say "Great Customer!" or "You're a Gem!"—encouraging others to follow suit!

11. Use Black Friday stickers to encourage customers to share their experience on social media!

Black Friday is your chance to get the word out there about your business. You could include stickers shaped like cameras with QR codes that link back to Instagram, encouraging customers who are in-store shopping to post photos tagging you and using #BlackFriday.

12. Encourage family fun with stickers shaped like a turkey or festive wreath!

The holidays are a time for families and giving thanks. Promote the spirit of generosity by including some fun stickers in your store that say something like, "Happy Thanksgiving!" Some other options include a sticker shaped like a tree with the words "Give Thanks," or a sticker shaped like a turkey.

  1. Use coupons that  promote Black Friday in your store!

Whether you're handing them out or attaching them to products, coupons and discount cards are great for getting customers into the holiday spirit. You could include a discounted sticker that reads "Black Friday Only!" or simply write out the words on a custom sticker.

14. Bundle purchases with exclusive, limited-time stickers!

Have you ever seen a fun new product and wanted to know where to get it? Now you can create that same experience by bundling certain products together. For instance, if someone is buying the Grinch socks your store sells, why not include an exclusive sticker shaped like The Grinch! This type of marketing gives the customer something they simply  can't find anywhere else!

15. Buy Now, Save Later!

Give customers a reason to come back and shop for more!  Perhaps stickers that mention an additional 20% off when they shop at your location again in the month of December!

Our Custom Die-Cut Stickers are at the top of everyone’s wish list this year!  With our high level of precision, we can bring your exact design into a reality.  Our custom die cut vinyl stickers are made with a high-quality and durable vinyl. We add an overlaminate that is scratch-resistant and protects the artwork from fading - even frenzied wrapping paper wars! 

You want weatherproof, waterproof, snowproof and bubble-free?  You got it!  No professional installer needed here.  Our custom die cut stickers are easy to apply to any flat surface. Plus, we cut your design all the way through the backing, which means your artwork really pops.  

Learn more about custom stickers, holographic stickers and roll labels too.  If you want to add it onto a rectangular background, we also create Kiss Cut stickers. Prefer something on a transparent background? We also have custom clear stickers

All in all, there are many reasons and ways to use stickers and decals to prompt even more sales this year than ever before.  And with Sira Print pricing, you can’t go wrong.  Take advantage of our 1-3 BUSINESS DAY TURNAROUND and FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! 

You need your stickers fast, and you need them to look professional. That's why we provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry and get you a proof within 24 hours - confirming your order before we start printing! Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help your holiday sales this Black Friday shopping season and beyond!

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