How to Make and Print Your Own Custom Car Decals and Stickers - Sira Print Inc.

How to Make and Print Your Own Custom Car Decals and Stickers

How to Make and Print Your Own Custom Car Decals and Stickers - Sira Print Inc.

What's a ride that doesn't have some personality added to it? From the rear-view ornaments down to custom parts, we all can value a vehicle that feels like home. Especially, since the average individual will drive over 900,000 miles in their lifetime!

Your car is already an extension of your lifestyle. Why not enjoy the ride even more and make every inch of your car personalized to you? Here, we share just about everything you could imagine around making and printing your own custom decals and stickers.

Why do people use custom car decals and stickers?

Cars are a reflection of the driver. Car enthusiasts often paint intricate murals, customize their wheels or even just add some window tint to personalize their ride and keep it looking clean. Car decals offer an additional, and affordable way to add some flair to your ride. Car decals and stickers are also used in business promotions like charities and political advertisements. Regardless of purpose, you'll find an unlimited amount of uses for car decals and stickers.


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How can I design my own custom car stickers?

It's fun, easy and more affordable than you might think to design your own custom car decals and stickers. You can outsource the design you want to a designer via any number of third party platforms with freelance graphic artists like Fiverr, Upwork, 99 Designs or even the obvious

If you have your own talents when it comes to artistry, you can always consider having your own design processed as well! In many cases you'll get a great idea from websites like DIY Design Station that even have step-by-step tutorials and FAQ's to help you DIY your own custom decal designs.

From there, all you need is to send off your design for printing. That's where you can trust Sira Print Inc. with going from concept to car decal!

Where to get custom car decals and stickers online?

If you have your car decal in-hand, it's time to print. One of the great benefits to car decals is how easy they are to make and print. At Sira Print Inc., we have all the advanced printing equipment you need to be certain your car decals are printed with precision and quality.

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What is the difference between a car decal and a car sticker?

There isn't much difference between car decals and car stickers outside of the application. The car sticker is a pre-masked sticker that allows for easy alignment and placement on your car's surface. This car sticker option also offers protection against UV degradation when used outdoors.

The car decal, while not pre-masked, will allow for a more customized car decal design. Since car stickers adhere to an exterior surface, you are not able to customize car sticker designs in the same way car decals can be designed and printed. 

If you are interested in car decals, reach out to us here at Sira Print Inc for car decal pricing and car decal printing. We can talk about the next step towards creating your perfect car sticker design!

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What car decal option do I choose?

Car stickers and decals are made of durable vinyl. A car sticker is one piece cut to any shape and car decals are various custom cut pieces that come together to make an image. 

Car decals come in two main forms, car wrap and car stickers. Wrap car decals are designed to be rolled out onto the surface of your car (hoods, trunk lids or windows). In terms of production processes for car decals, it is a relatively difficult process that requires precise trimming around curves and areas where the vinyl needs to flex more as you roll it on.

For that reason, many small businesses and car owners using car stickers to share their brands or lifestyle opt for car decals over wraps. Car decals are much more affordable and easier to make as it's printed on flat car decal vinyl. When you print car decals, they are stuck directly onto the car window (or car body) using a car decal transfer tape.

One of the common reasons why people like car decals is because car stickers often look more realistic and high-resolution than car vinyl wraps. If you want an easy way for viewers to spot your brand or lifestyle, we recommend getting some of our unique car decal designs that feature bold colors and precise cutting with weatherproof lamination to boot!

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How do I order a car decal from Sira Print Inc.?

To start your order process, it's as easy as choosing the size decal you want, along with quantity and lamination. Any special notes can be added as well. We'll evaluate your design file and create an instant digital proof of your car decal before manufacturing it at our factory. This way, you can be certain that you will receive exactly what you envisioned – with fast turnaround times and reasonable prices!

What about car window clings?

Cling car decals are car window graphics that will adhere to your car windows without any transfer tape. Clings can also be printed in large formats for car wraps and car body vinyls.

How much are custom car decals?

The cost of car decals vary from car decal design to car decal design. Custom vehicle decals are far more affordable than wraps because you can choose print size, material and lamination options. With Sira Print Inc., you can see right away what the cost for your stickers will be based on your preferences. Simply check out our custom stickers and share if you want a custom size or are wanting the popular sizes listed. Your design, once sent in a file, can be provided via proof so you can further imagine what the final prints will look like! Who knows? Maybe what you once wanted with a circle background looks much more unique and makes a bolder statement on a clear or transparent sticker background?

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How quickly can I get car window decals custom made?

Are you looking for the best print quality, with the fastest turnaround time at the best price? At Sira Print Inc, we offer you top-of-the-line equipment and graphic design printing services to ensure your custom sticker or car decal looks exactly as it should!

From die-cut precision to high-resolution digital printers, we have all the key resources necessary to create long-lasting car stickers for any car body or window.

What service should I expect from Sira Print Inc?

With custom car decals, it's important to know that you're receiving the highest quality car decal vinyl that will last. On top of that, we want to make sure your car decals are applied in the best way possible! That's why you'll get car decals that are weatherproof and durable!

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How do I apply my custom car stickers once they arrive?

On average, most car sticker applications take 5-10 minutes per car. However if this is your first time using custom car decals or someone else is helping you apply it (or if there are complicated curves), be prepared for additional time during the application process. Don't worry too much – it will still go quickly as car decals are applied in small sections!

Sira Print Inc. car stickers are made with car window application in mind. That means you don't have to worry about it falling off or being too difficult to remove if you decide car decals aren't the best option for your car.

Our goal at Sira Print Inc. is to create a highly-customized experience for each of our clients. We want to make sure that your car decals (or car stickers) fully reflect your personality and business brands! Don't hesitate to contact us today if you'd like custom size or print samples. Remember, we're fully staffed during regular business hours so feel free to email any time!

Custom car decals are a great accessory that can be used either to customize your car or for promotional purposes. You may want car window clings if you're on a budget or custom car stickers that will last even longer once applied. If you need custom-sized decals in the next few days, Sira Print Inc. is there with fast turnaround times and reasonable prices! Let's put the pedal to the metal and get your car decked out in decals in no time!

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