Create Custom Wine Bottle Labels in 3 Quick Steps

Create Custom Wine Bottle Labels in 3 Quick Steps

Create Custom Wine Bottle Labels in 3 Quick Steps

Custom wine labels can be a great gift for the person who has everything. They are also a good way to add your personal touch to any occasion, from weddings and birthdays to housewarming parties or anniversary celebrations. In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to create custom wine bottle labels in three quick steps!

Creating your own wine labels is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, with Sira Print, it just takes three simple steps to wrap your wine in personalized wine labels!

Step 1: Create the design you want for your wine bottle labels

Step 2: Upload your artwork

Step 3: Apply

How to create custom wine labels for any occasion

First things first. You will want to label your wine bottles appropriately for your special event or product display. 

Custom orders for wedding wine labels are common. Or perhaps you are bottling your own wine and looking to wrap your beverages in a custom branded look. Either way, it's time to get creative.

You will want your wine bottle label design to complement the type of wine you are labeling and its occasion or event. For example, if creating labels for a wedding gift, keep in mind that the style should be more formal than say party-themed drinkware for a dinner with friends.

Your choice of label design can speak to the type of wine itself. For example, if you are creating labels for a red Merlot, keep in mind that deep red is typically associated with this kind of wine.

You will also want your custom label designs to be consistent with other items being used as wedding favors or decorations...etc. Create labels that represent the newlyweds to make a wonderful keepsake.

Where can I get my wine bottle labels designed?

If you already have your wine bottle label designs approved and ready for print, you can head to Step 2. If not, do not fear. You're just one step away from a finished product.

In order to get your wine bottle labels designed, you will need a graphic designer. In the old days, this would have been an arduous task - involving hiring an in-house or freelance designer and waiting for them to complete their work...etc. But not anymore!

With so many free online design tools, creating custom label designs is as easy as selecting a template and adding what you want from there. To include exact colors, backgrounds, and more! We tend to recommend, for ease of use.

Canva has a pre-designed bottle label templates that are fully customizable. Plus, you can save your final file in multiple formats. Vector files are now included and that is an ideal file format for print because it keeps your design sharp no matter the sizing that takes place during print projects.

Either way, you can upload your files easily on our website and we will always send a proof so you can see what your printed project will look like before production begins! This takes us to Step 2.

How to order custom labels online at Sira Print

We could not have made the process any easier. Simply visit our Custom Labels product page and upload your file. Select the size you wish the labels to be. Keep in mind, we can print all designs and cuts so no need to go traditional with rectangular wine label dimensions.

Select the quantity you'd like. Note that there are significant savings when you order in bulk and this is wise with wine bottles as sometimes when applying, you could make mistakes. Still, our application process is a breeze so ordering just a few extra is a good practice.

Identify the cut shape and any lamination requests you may have. You will see we have different options as both glossy stickers and holographic stickers are becoming increasingly popular on products. This is just some food for thought for your wine bottle appearance. You may find labels with this or gold-etched stickers pair well with your wine bottle.

Our custom holographic stickers can be die-cut to any shape you can think of and are easy to apply. They’re waterproof, weatherproof, scratch proof, but when you decide to remove them, they won’t leave any mess behind. 

Gold-etched labels can really pop while giving a look of luxury! Etched-Like on gold is an effective way to stand out. Upload your logo or vector art and we'll create the etched effect for you. Our unique Etched-Like on gold vinyl makes your product, packaging, art or gifts stand out.  

Ready to print? Our proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure your stickers will look exactly how you want.

Add any other special instructions you may have and upload any files we will need for printing. Then, magically, within 24-36hrs, you will receive a digital proof via email. Simply approve the proof for production or reply with any changes that need to be made and we will make them for you!

That's it - the hardest part is over... Now all there is left to do is to apply your newly coveted wine bottle labels to your beverages themselves.

How do I apply wine bottle labels?

Applying wine bottle labels is actually very easy.

Simply remove any existing adhesive or paper labels from your bottles, clean the surface of residue and let dry. Then place our custom printed label on top making sure to align it perfectly with all markings on the design itself. Voila! You are ready to give yourself a pat on the back and a celebratory sip! 

Sira Print wine label material is made from high quality, waterproof vinyl that is designed to last. You can even remove wine bottle labels without damaging the wine bottles themselves which is perfect for re-usage of wine bottles at parties or events - just apply your new wine label designs and you're good to go! 

FAQs about wine bottle labels

How many wine bottle labels will I need?

This is a common question and the answer really does vary depending on your wine drinker needs. If you are hosting an event, we recommend ordering at least 50 wine bottles worth of custom wine labels for yourself. But if you're only looking to stock up in case company comes over or simply want some wine bottles for yourself, we recommend starting with 25 wine bottles worth of custom wine bottle labels.

Why order wine label stickers?

Wine label stickers are waterproof and easy to apply which is why they're gaining popularity in the beverage market. Custom wine label stickers look great on wine bottles but you can use them on any bottled drink or glass.

What is the standard size of wine bottle labels?

Wine bottle labels come in all shapes and sizes. The most common wine label size is about 38mm x 57mm which you can easily find on templates across the internet. But if you need a custom wine bottle label, we can print them in any size, shape, cut or color!

How long will it take for me to receive my wine bottle labels?

If you get wine bottle labels printed at Sira Print, we can get your wine bottle label stickers to you in as little as 7 business days. But if you need them within a shorter timeframe for an event or party, let us know and we'll share our expedited shipping options. 

Do wine bottle labels come in matte or gloss?

Wine label stickers are available in both glossy and matte finishes. Glossy wine sticker labels have a shiny finish that looks great on glass surfaces while wine label stickers with a matte coating look more natural to the touch.

How do I clean wine bottle labels?

If you need to remove a wine bottle label for any reason, cleaning wine bottles is a cinch. Simply soak wine bottle labels in warm water and let them sit for about 30 seconds before removing the adhesive with your fingers or a gentle scrub brush (optional). 

Then, allow the wine bottles to dry out completely overnight.

You will find, however, that Sira Print stickers and labels are made of vinyl and will not be damaged by water at all.

Our customer service is top of the line and you’ll find we are the best in the sticker printing industry. Just send in your designed templates and sit back with a bottle of bubbly, professionally labeled by yours truly. Cheers!

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