All About Water Bottle Labels: Sira Print Edition!

All About Water Bottle Labels: Sira Print Edition!

Water bottle labels made to order

Did you know that there are all sorts of bottle labels out there? From branding to motivational stickers, Sira Print can be trusted with all your needs! Here is a list of the many different types of bottle labels people have printed. Which one will you choose?

Water bottle labels are used for bottles, water jugs and water coolers.  The use of bottle labels can be for anything from event marketing, advertising and branding purposes to logo and ingredients lists.

What sort of labels do people add to water bottles?

Branding water bottle labels: These bottles and jugs usually showcase logos or brand slogans on them so businesses can earn brand awareness. Adding a bottle label with your logo or slogan on it is a popular way to advertise because people will see the water jugs in public places like schools, gyms, offices and homes while they are out and about. This method of advertising is an inexpensive way to get your name out there and gain brand exposure.

Motivational water bottle labels:

These bottles are used not only for advertising but also as a source of inspiration, motivation or encouragement by individuals who want an extra boost from their water jugs every day. You will see motivational water bottle stickers on water coolers at gyms, water jugs in office break rooms and bottles on desks.

Bottle Stickers for events:

These water bottle labels are great for giveaways at trade shows or other company events where you want to get your brand name out there while also giving away a useful product that people will use over and over again. Whether it be sports themed bottle labels, water cooler stickers with your logo on it or bottles and jugs that showcase a promotion for the event you are hosting these stickers will be an inexpensive giveaway to promote brand awareness.

Product water bottle labels:

These water jug labels can be used by companies who want their own custom label design but don’t have a logo or water bottle theme to base the design on. Showcase ingredients, nutritional facts and other important information.

You would think water would simply imply that just H20 is in the bottle, however, companies like to add electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, sugars, flavors and other water enhancers to their products.  

Some people drink water with no additives while other individuals enjoy alkaline water or adding electrolytes for an extra boost of energy, it is important to showcase the many options customers have with detailed labels.

Add names to make personalized water bottle labels.

We print water labels and stickers to be personalized. If you are that Team Mom, Dad or Coach that likes to go the extra mile, consider the option to personalize water bottles that will help your team stand out from the rest.

 labels by Sira print are water resistant

Stickers with motivational quotes are trending!

One category of water bottle labels that is very popular in today’s society is motivational quotes.  Some examples of motivational quotes to put on water bottles are:


"Don't wait until I'm thirsty to drink water."

"Water is Life!"

"We are water in motion!"

These water bottle stickers with motivational quotes on them can be used for so many different purposes.  You could give them out to new employees as a welcome gift, hand out water jugs at trade shows or even use them as giveaways during charity events and fundraisers where you’re trying to spread water awareness.

Show off the impact of using a water bottle to help the planet!

Your water bottle labels could mention something about how one reusable bottle replaces  hundreds of disposable plastic bottles each year. 

Can I use custom labels on disposable, recyclable water bottles?

Yes! Stickers look just as great on a disposable water bottle.  Simply order roll labels with the number of water bottle label templates you will need to match the number of cases you're purchasing for an event. 

Stick your custom water bottle labels on right over the original label templates. Voila! A white vinyl decal or colorful vinyl background is sure to make your brand message pop! 

Does Sira Print make a waterproof sticker?

Yes, labels by Sira print are water resistant. They won’t crack and peel like traditional paper stickers often do. Our vinyl stickers and cut to size labels are durable, waterproof and water-resistant.

where to order custom water bottle labels for business

Can I order water bottle labels that are dishwasher safe?

Yes, our bottle stickers will not fade even if put through the wash in a commercial dishwasher (we recommend using low heat settings). Our stickers are also freezer friendly! 

You don’t have to worry about water bottle stickers or water bottle labels that will lose their stickiness over time when exposed to harsh conditions.

What types of events do people have custom bottle labels for?

There are many different custom label ideas for water bottles. Some use them to wrap around bottles at baby showers. Others use water bottle labels at trade shows or to promote water awareness during charity events. 

Custom water bottle stickers with logos are also used by business owners and companies who want to show off their company name on event giveaways, promotional items or products being sold in stores.

Teachers have used them at car washes or bake sales to sell water in school fundraisers and small business owners use water stickers as an affordable marketing tactic by offering free bottled water during an event or donating proceeds from the sale.

I am not a designer. How do I get a design made for a printing order?

We all have our own strengths. For many, design is not one of those. But, fear not. There are many simple and even free ways to get a design you desire! 

Try a free subscription to Canva for example to use water bottle label templates. Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows users to create logos, newsletters and even phone cases. You can certainly create any graphic there and send it to us for label printing in minutes!

How do I get my water print labels fast?

Our process is easy and trusted by many! 

Simply upload your design or use an online template like to create your own unique graphics and/or message. (provide your supply size and quantity, lamination type and let us know of any special instructions)

 We handle the rest! It’s that simple! We always provide a PDF proof within 24 hours before we begin production. PLUS, 1-3 Business Day Turnaround + Free Shipping for all orders.

Learn more about our other sticker products like: die cut stickers, waterproof stickers, custom stickers, sticker printing, vinyl stickers, custom cut keychains, and so much more!

Keep your business on a roll with roll labels that are sure to stick out to your audiences.

Sira Print water bottle stickers are easy and simple for individuals, companies and even schools to order! Simply choose your base design,  water bottle label size, water bottle sticker material and quantity. 

Once you place an order on our website, we will send over a proof. Here, you can approve before we start printing. Then, in just a few business days, they’re ready for shipping - free shipping, that is! .

Bottles and jug labels are no different than any other product when it comes to printing. Whether sharing your custom water bottle sticker designs with family, friends, fellow employees or potential customers, Sira Print is here for your water bottle labels and even hydro flask stickers.

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