Large Format - Premium Wall Vinyl

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Item Description

Material: Premium Wall Vinyl


 Premium Wall vinyl is a high quality product designed for easy installation without 

sacrificing color quality.


If you are changing the look of your business or your home with custom designs

and messages, this product can easily cover your walls from ceiling to floors in a 

snap. This premium product offers no mess, requires no paste and best of all it is 

reposition-able making it easy to remove and re-apply without damaging the wall 



Notes when placing orders: 

if the size of the image that requires printing exceeds 52"x300", 

we will print in tiles.

eg: 100" x 100" image size, will be produced as 2pcs of 50" x 100" and an overlap of 0.5"

Overlap makes the image look continuous after installations.                         

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6 mil White vinyl

Longterm Removable

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