How to Design and Print Custom Bumper Stickers

How to Design and Print Custom Bumper Stickers

How to Design and Print Custom Bumper Stickers in Canada and US

Custom Bumper Stickers are a great way to promote your business or organization. This is because bumper stickers are inexpensive, easy to distribute, and can be placed on virtually any vehicle.

There are many ways that people use custom stickers in their marketing campaigns. The most popular types of campaigns include political campaigns, promotional events, and fundraising efforts.

One example of an organization using these type of stickers is the Susan G Komen Foundation which often uses pink ribbons as a symbol for breast cancer awareness month. You could also create customized windshield wipers or other car accessories with your company’s logo on it!

What are bumper stickers?

Bumper stickers are large, printed stickers that can be attached to a car’s bumper. They usually have an adhesive backing, allowing them to easily attach and detach from the vehicle.

Where can I place vehicle stickers?

Stickers are most commonly placed on the bumper of a car. However, they can also be placed on trucks and vans. Stickers are also used for other purposes than just cars. For example, you can place them on lockers or laptops as well!

Do I need permission to print custom car stickers?

There isn’t any legal requirement for obtaining consent if you are printing the stickers only for yourself.

How to make a high quality custom bumper sticker ?

Making custom stickers is a simple process, and can be done online for free. There are many websites that allow you to create your own Custom Bumper Stickers. You can search free templates online or can even pick the dimensions you want and use free design software like to create custom sizes and designs!

Where to print my custom bumper stickers

Sira Print offers a ton of options for sticker printing. You are not limited to the traditional bumper sticker sizes and shapes you have seen before.

You can literally have any custom shape, size material, quantity, and color of Custom Bumper Stickers you wish for! In fact, if you want multiple designs , you can opt for a sticker sheet with a variety of images, or even roll labels which can have the same design available on a roll for use as needed. This is great when giving away the same stickers to large volumes of people.

Examples of cool custom bumpers sticker ideas:

As mentioned above, you can display many different ideas, opinions, logos and more with vehicle stickers and decals. Here are just a few of the many custom bumper sticker ideas we have seen and printed.

Political bumper stickers

The most popular use for stickers is political campaigns. They allow candidates, voters and supporters to promote themselves and their platforms with ease. 

Honor roll and student achievements

Bumper Stickers are also used at Award programs to show honor roll students or other academic achievements. Stickers also often include proud military parents and spouses. 

Pet lovers

Pet owners love Custom Bumper Stickers! If you have a dog or other animal, pick out a fun custom sticker that represents your furry friend and place it on your car. For example, we made this cute one for our pup Lucy

Sports fans

Stickers can also be used as a way for sports fans to show their support. For example, we have made Custom Bumper Stickers that promote the Toronto Blue Jays!

Awards and Recognition

Even in the corporate world, Bumper Plaques can be used to recognize top employees. We have seen people attach these awards to their vehicles as well. This is a fun way of displaying your pride and achievements.

Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Custom die cut stickers are also used by small businesses to promote their company at events and fairs. They are often given away for free to customers, which makes them a great low-cost marketing strategy!

Promotional events

Bumper Stickers can also be used as promotional items for events such as marathons, road races and other public ventures.


Non-profit organizations often use Custom Bumper Stickers to raise money for their cause. This is a great way of getting exposure and donations!

Custom stickers are also great for promoting an event or sale! This is especially true if you want people to spread the word about your event/sale and get more people to come out.


Wedding Bumper Stickers are quickly becoming popular. Celebrate the big day with a newlywed sticker. Or, consider similar life milestones like “Baby on Board” stickers and such! 

What materials are custom bumper stickers printed with?

At Sira Print, we use durable vinyl materials for bumper stickers. These vinyls are waterproof, scratch-resistant and weather resistant. This ensures that your custom bumper stickers last a long time!

Custom bumper stickers are a great way to promote your business, product or service. They have many different uses and can be used for anything from political campaigns to weddings! 

The best part about custom bumper stickers is that they're super easy to create online with free templates and design software. Simply upload your artwork and we will send you a proof before production! If you want help creating the perfect custom bumper sticker design, let us know - we would love to partner with you on this project and have the best customer service in the sticker printing industry!

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