Large Format - Styrene

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Item Description

Material: Styrene

Styrene is so widely used today because of many benefits that are highly valued by consumers.

These benefits include strength, durability and comfort.  Easy to use, store and replace, styrene signs

are one of the most popular signs used in retail businesses, trade shows and restaurants.

Styrene signs are large and eye catching, but best of all, they are affordable. For a large indoor signs,

we can fulfill your styrene printing needs for a fraction of the cost of other large sign materials.

When prices change or seasonal items become available, it’s important to keep your signs up to date.


This makes styrene signs the best menu signs available because they are affordable, customizable and attractive.

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Plastic Sheet, High Impact, 4' Width x 8' Length, 0.020, 0.040 and 0.060 Thickness, Polystyrene Material, White.

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