The Many Kinds of Custom Stickers

The Many Kinds of Custom Stickers

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In a world of advertising overload and the age of consumption, knowing how to visually express yourself or your business can be as easy as a sticker. Many companies use vinyl stickers or decals to spread their brand. In the nineties, the younger crowd would plaster stickers all over the back of their car windows, leaving only a small space to see through their rearview mirror. Now, the trend of sharing your affections and business loves can be seen stuck on young adventurers’ and influencers’ hydroflasks (I’m looking at you, VSCO girls).

There seems to be a certain pride we take in expressing our individuality, and companies are smart to provide a way for them to do it. There are many options for stickers when you design your own. Sira Print provides an easy online ordering system allowing for a custom order of any image or file. Our team will check your file thoroughly before preparing a proof to make sure you get the best custom stickers money can buy. Choosing the right kind of sticker can seem confusing to the average entrepreneur or brand manager, but understanding these simple options can help you narrow down specifically which kind you are looking for.

What is the Difference between Die Cut Stickers or Kiss Cut Stickers?

What are Die Cut Stickers? 

These are not your standard circle or square-shaped stickers. Die cut stickers are a great option to have your image stand out from the herd of standard shapes. Custom Die cut stickers will give you the opportunity to make a band-aid shape for that urgent-care clinic you represent, or a perfectly neat shape customized around your image to eliminate excess solid color.

Die cut stickers only have one cut -- straight through the backing. This allows your design to really stand out from the second you see them until you find the perfect place to stick them.

What are Kiss Cut Stickers?

Custom kiss cut stickers are very similar to die cut stickers. We can still cut them to any shape you can imagine. So what’s the difference? Well, kiss cut stickers have two cuts -- one for the sticker itself, and one for the lining. This means kiss cut stickers are supplied on a rectangular backing sheet. This makes them a little easier to peel, but once they’re applied you’d never know it wasn’t a die cut sticker.

Do you have custom Color Transfer Stickers?

Often seen as vinyl lettering on the back window of someone’s car, these are stickers that leave nothing but your image. Multiple die cuts can be performed so you can have any combination of shapes, letters, numbers, logos, all without any background material. Most transfer stickers are seen in one solid color, but with SiraPrint you can create anything you can imagine!

Pick any colour, pattern, or image you like as a background, or print full colour logos the way they were meant to be seen.

What are Custom Car Decals?

Billboards and door-front stickers have one disadvantage. They don't continually move location. Custom car decals are significantly more effective at sharing your company’s name or personal image in various areas.

Whether it be the parking lot of your child’s school, the grocery store, or a restaurant, custom car decals can be seen anywhere and everywhere you travel. View car decals! 

What are Custom Wall Decals?

The interior decorator isn’t always alive in all of us, but being able to express oneself in our home can be as simple as a custom wall decal. The Harley Davidson fanatic may want a motorcycle wall decal in his garage. The new mom could benefit from a custom wall sticker matching the nursery theme. Even the family name on the wall above an entryway can be classy and expressive.

No matter what your custom sticker needs are, Sira Print can meet that need and exceed your expectations. We never charge for proofs, offer fast production (need it yesterday? Contact Us!), and don’t require minimums, giving each person or company the flexibility to create their own custom stickers and decals.

With the highest quality, longest-lasting product, Sira Print can help make your company shine, or help you get that next trend started. Browse ideas for your custom stickers now!

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