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Stickers Vs Decals, What's The Difference?

Call them what you will, but in truth, there is very little, if no difference at all, between stickers and decals. Really, it’s up to your preference and how you describe these multifaceted tools used for everything from cost-effective marketing to expressing fandom. Where you may seem some difference in verbiage is simply in how people plan to use stickers or decals.

Oftentimes, stickers tend to be associated with a more liberal or broad-based aesthetic and use. When we think stickers, we often think of our first introduction to such, likely childhood, where we received stickers for good grades in school, a successful visit to the dentist’s office or even potentially sticker sheets that accompanied coloring and activity books. That said, stickers are sometimes thought of as being placed somewhat haphazardly or at least without any real
purpose beyond being noticed.

Still, many of our customers also identify stickers as being useful tools that are maybe not purposefully placed but strategically used to help with brand recognition and exposure. Many business owners will purchase die-cut stickers to use as a giveaway when participating as a vendor and looking to share their brand awareness with others. While the placement isn’t so much a priority, the handing out of such swag is.

Decals, on the other hand, while still perfectly interchangeable with the word stickers, are typically thought of when someone is intentionally displaying a design. Be it a wall decal outside your place of business, a street decal used to navigate foot and vehicle traffic or dry erase decals for use over and over again on containers, calendars and more.

Ultimately, you can call them what you want, and trust that Sira Print can deliver, no matter your style of wording. You may find that on our site, we begin to use the word “sticker: when we start describing the product itself. So, whether you’re placing an order for a wall decal or a sticker sheet, we will refer to the product itself as a sticker for the simplicity of identifying your desires of the product itself. This includes whether you want it to be clear, paper, laminated and so on.

Whatever the reason you want to display a design, and no matter what you call it, we specialize in sticker and decal creation. Ordering is as easy as ever. Simply upload your design or use an online template like to create your own unique graphics and/or message. We handle the rest! It’s that simple!

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure your stickers and decals are exactly what you’re expecting before you hit “go”. We are equally committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. For that reason, we always provide a PDF proof within 24 hours before we begin production. As if that’s not awesome enough, we boast a 1-3 Business Day Turnaround plus Free Shipping, making costly and continuous orders a thing of the past. Opt for your first or next round of stickers and decals via Sira Print and you’re sure to save time and money!