8 Clever Ways to Use Clear Stickers

8 Clever Ways to Use Clear Stickers

8 clever ways to use clear stickers.

Clear stickers are versatile and can be used for everything from marketing product labels to memory-making. Here is a list of ways you can use transparent vinyl decals for business, home and recreational fun!

1) Create a window display with clear stickers that advertise your product or service.

As an example, you could use clear stickers to advertise a sale on books. Simply put, your stickers are printed with, say, a white ink that pops, and showcases what you’re selling! 

Place the decals strategically in your windows and show off different products so that people walking past will notice them.

Clear stickers are especially helpful around this time of year for retailers who want to stay competitive with Black Friday sales looming closer everyday!

You could also use clear stickers on windows or in doorways, like a glass-door entrance or bay window. This will help spread awareness and let people know about your products or services, enticing them to enter the store to learn more.

This is also a great way to make any store front more interesting and engaging for potential customers!

Clear stickers are the perfect tool to make sure you're getting your message across in creative ways. They have so many uses that can be applied both inside and out!

2) Stick transparent die-cut stickers on the outside of your car windows to advertise events or products you're selling!

Clear stickers can be used to promote your business without any permanent commitment. This is perfect for seasonal work as you can change the decals whenever something new comes up!

We have clear stickers for any occasion, so if you're a business owner, contact us today and we'll put together the perfect package.

If you want to promote your small business with custom decal projects but are not sure where to start - let our team of experts help!

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3) Use clear stickers to add info to your products in an attractive way.

Clear stickers with your design will make any package, jar or bottle look intentional and well-designed.

This is a great way to package handmade products, or if you're selling food items at your local farmer's market.

Maybe you have some vintage collectables that need labeling so people know what they are - clear stickers can be used in this instance as well!

4) Use clear decals on the inside of windows to create an interesting effect in your home decor.

If you are looking to create a monochromatic mood in your space, we highly recommend clear stickers as the answer.

Order matching transparent decals that fit with your interior design or theme and place them strategically around the windows inside your home.

You will have an interesting effect on display from outside without disturbing any of the natural light! Plus, it is a creative way to style your windows without all of the hassle!

And when you are ready for a change, it's as easy as peeling them off and swapping them out.

If you're looking to spice up an outdoor space this summer with some colorful flair, clear stickers can be just what you need.

Grab matching transparent stickers and place them strategically at different points outside your home, such as on the windows or over a door.

This is an easy way to add some color into your space without making any permanent decisions! What’s more, our custom stickers are of great quality and sure to capture compliments.

You can also use clear stickers in fun ways with kids- like by creating sun catchers that double as decor for their room!

Seriously, if you can think it, we can print it!

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5) Add clear labels to bottles, jars, boxes, etc., as a way to identify contents at home or work!

Clear stickers can be used to label any container, from a jar of pasta sauce to the water cooler in your office.

For example, you could use clear labels on jars of spices and sauces so that people know what is inside without having to open them first!

Clear labels are also a great way to organize your pantry or kitchen cabinets so that you never have to spend time hunting for what you need!

This is especially helpful for families with allergies or vegans who want to avoid cross-contamination. Also, with back-to-school gear including lunch pails and more, clear labels can help you safely label your children's containers - this is incredibly helpful considering any food restrictions or allergies!

Clear stickers are also great for labeling office items, like filing cabinets and desk drawers! It's a simple way to organize your work space without any time or effort put in. You can order clear labels that fit with the colors of your workplace or use them to make an impactful statement with bright neon colors!

6) Use stickers to make a window into a chalkboard!

You'll never run out of chalk with clear stickers!

Use transparent decals to turn your windows into a giant chalkboard and let the kids make their own creations in any space. Whether you're a homeschooler or just want the kids to have an creative outlet inside that doesn't make a mess!

This is perfect for days when you're stuck inside due to weather or other circumstances that prevent outdoor play. Give them an activity they can do indoors.

7) Put decals on the inside of your car windows for privacy and decoration.

Clear stickers can be used to create privacy for your car windows while still letting the light in.

This is helpful if you live near a busy street or don't want anyone getting a peek into what's inside when they pass by! You could also use clear decals on the outside of your car window as decoration!

If you need to cover up old car stickers that are on the outside of your window, clear decals can be used for this too.

You'll never have an issue again with fading or peeling stickers because they won't use any adhesive - so once it's applied, it will stay put.

We can make any clear sticker into a custom decal and we offer bulk discounts for larger quantities of projects, so contact us today with your ideas!

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8) Decorate your classroom with transparent stickers.

If you're a teacher looking for ways to customize your space with minimal effort or cost - this is perfect. Clear decals are easy to apply and remove without leaving any adhesive on the surface so it will look as if nothing was there.

Clear stickers are a great way to add accent colors or be creative with designs on your classroom windows.

This is ideal because the decals will not interfere with natural light and can easily be removed at any time - so you don't have to do anything permanent! Decorate during the summer months for back-to-school, or make changes as you go.

Clear stickers can also be used to decorate your whiteboard or chalkboard with custom designs!

This is perfect if you want to add some pizzazz to a classroom without making it messier. Plus, they are so easy to remove too - which makes cleaning up at the end of the year so much easier!

If you need clear stickers to decorate your classroom, office or car - we're here for you. Contact us with any requests and our team of experts will get back to you quickly with a custom quote just in time for you re-opening your classroom doors!

How do I order custom clear stickers or decals?

- Determine what products or services you want to advertise or showcase.

- Decide on the sticker size that works best for your intended location.

- Choose a clear sticker of the appropriate size and type for your windows.

- Measure out where you will place each decal in your window display, making sure they are all strategically visible.

- Send over your design ideas to us at Sira Print and receive a proof within 24-36 hours for your approval.

- Approve the proof and get free shipping with a fast delivery time!

- Peel off the clear sticker's backing and place it in a designated spot. Snap a photo and celebrate with us on Instagram at @siraprint


Simply visit our site where you’ll start by uploading your file. We will then send you a proof for approval and soon after it will be printed and delivered to you. Ordering through us at Sira Print Inc. means you get excellent customer service at an affordable price without spending big dollars and a ton of time. 

Our custom clear stickers are made with a high-quality material that is weatherproof and can be used outdoors without fading or losing adhesion. Promote your business, special offers, events or amenities by creating your own custom clear sticker and applying it to a clean, smooth surface of your choice!

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